Angelus Apatrida – Angelus Apatrida

Angelus Apatrida Cover Art

Angelus Apatrida – Angelus Apatrida
Century Media Records
Release Date: 05/02/2021
Running Time 44:19
Review by Tammy Lomax

Thrash metal legends Angelus Apatrida have been tearing fans face’s off for 20 years and to celebrate this incredible achievement, they have recently announced their new album, “Angelus Apatrida”, to be released on 05/02/2021 via Century Media Records.

These guys have released some absolute monster albums, I suppose it’s expected after so many solid years together. This release is a marker for the band, a huge bonfire of victory, and what a way to celebrate!

I am mostly squeaky right now because I get to bury my face in this masterpiece.

Riffs, Riffs and RIFFS! This is what the band are all about and they absolutely own it, they ease you in gently of course, for about half a second! ‘Indoctrinate’ is in no way a gentle track, do not be blinded. The impact of the riffs throughout this killer track will blow your face off, I am certainly impressed so far.

The more I listened the more I lost my sense of the world around me, the production is crystal clear, you really get to feel and hear the depth to their music. Guitarists David G. Álvarez and Guillermo Izquierdo complement each other perfectly, their work from is blisteringly quick and drummer Víctor Valera, well, there are no words that can do him any justice, absolutely amazing!

There are some awesome tracks on this self-titled album, for example track ‘Bleed The Crown’, the vocals are actually insane, not just on this particular track though, throughout the entire record, Guillermo is good, really good and so quick, what an absolute belter! It’s completely thrash metal at its finest.

Let’s just remind ourselves, this band have been together for a long time, their experiences and creativity combined are as rare as unicorns, I am in absolute awe. There is such an intelligent and well thought out concoction of creativity, it’s not leaking, its bursting at the seams, through every single millisecond, you can feel it and hear it and I feel incredibly grateful.

‘Empire Of Shame’ and ‘Into The Well’ are pretty decent too, being honest though and stripping it back entirely, my favourite track has to be ‘Disposable Liberty’, my reason being the pace! It’s steadier so the projection is more robust. The riffs just seem a little more chunky and raw, and I can’t help myself, I salivate over dirty riffs.

Honestly, as soon as this album is released, I URGE you to check it out, Angelus Apatrida have totally blown it out of the water. Considering the world is floppy at the moment, there are a lot of positive things upon us and this album assuredly is one of them.

‘The Age Of Disinformation’ (Lyric Video)

01. Indoctrinate
02. Bleed The Crown
03. The Age Of Disinformation
04. Rise Or Fall
05. Childhood’s End
06. Disposable Liberty
07. We Stand Alone
08. Through The Glass
09. Empire Of Shame
10. Into The Well

Guillermo Izquierdo – Vocals and Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Víctor Valera – Drums
David G. Álvarez – Lead/Rhythm Guitars
José J. Izquierdo – Bass


Angelus Apatrida Promo Pic (Photo Credit Fer Morales)
Photo by Fer Morales

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