Wax Mekanix – Mobocracy

Mobocracy Album Cover Art

Wax Mekanix – Mobocracy
Electric Talon Records
Release Date: 20/11/2020
Running Time: 26:59
Review by Alun Jones

“Who the fuck is Wax Mekanix?” You may well ask. Who is this enigmatic troubadour, this mysterious master musician, who has concocted this art for us to absorb? Well, I’m not sure I can answer those questions, but I have done some research. A bit late, I know, as this album was first released back in November. But hey, I can’t be cutting edge all of the time. Sometimes a scribe such as I must admit that changes of seismic consequence occur without my usual omniscient vision. Hard to believe, I know.

And yet here we are. Six tracks of exploration and wonder that plough a beguiling path through musical genres, from classic hard rock to folky musings, with an added sprinkle of the unexpected and alternative.

If you want big full-on metal with groove, you’ll find it with ‘Blood In My Eyes’. Huge chants and choruses? Try the gladiatorial detonation of ‘Victorious’, where you’ll also witness Brandon Yeagley and Chris Bishop of the very awesome Crobot playing the funky, infectious riffs that they’re famed for.

Wax himself is something of a renaissance man: writing, singing and playing on all tracks. Possessing a voice that can change from a warm country croon to a caramel Maynard James Keenan earnestness to a classic Alice Cooper roar, Wax morphs easily from one to another. He’s like Mike Patton with a folk fixation, but dressed even more dapper.

‘Mad World’ is one of my favourite tracks here, starting off with some Mexican guitars before erupting in a NWOBHM stampede that also recalls The Crüe at their pop metal best.

The absolute highlight, though, is the final track ‘Black’. This song is all eerie acoustic guitar and minimal percussion, with a catchy melody that creates something hypnotic and other worldly. Despite also reminding me of Johnny Nice Painter form the Fast Show (do a Google) on the chorus, this song exudes atmosphere.

Although this album is a little short, there’s plenty to investigate. Listeners will be rewarded with additional revelations each time they delve into it.

When I first heard “Mobocracy”, I rated it as good. After a couple of listens, I’ve upgraded it to GREAT. A welcome amalgamation of styles and influences, as well as exemplary song writing and musicianship, don’t let the endeavours of Wax Mekanix pass you by. Who is Wax Mekanix? The real question should be: “What’s next?”

Speaking of wax, did I ever tell you about that time when Ozzy and I decided to do a séance with some candles he pilfered from some hippies? That did not end well. There’s a little B&B in Carlisle that still has scorch marks up the walls. Tony was not impressed in the slightest. And I still have a phobia of barbecues to this day.

‘Black’ (Official Video)

01. Blood In My Eyes
02. Victorious
03. All Freaks
04. Mad World
05. Ghostland
06. Black

Wax Mekanix – Lead and Backing vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Drums, Percussion (Tracks 1-6)
Lectriq – Backing vocals, Percussion (Tracks 1-6)
Brandon Yeagley – Backing vocals (Tracks 1-6)
Chris Bishop – Electric & Acoustic Guitars (Tracks 2, 3, 6)
Tom Altman – Guitar, Bass (Tracks 1, 2 , 3, 5)
Wendell PoPs Sewell – Guitar, Bass (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5)
John Hazel – Guitar, Bass (Track 4)
Raje Shwari – Backing vocals (Track 3)
M11SON – Backing vocals (Track 2)
Tommy Conwell – Backing vocals (Track 2)
Nataliya Odud – Backing vocals (Track 2)
Eli Goldman – Backing Vocals (Track 2)


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