Lasting Maze – Thunder EP

Thunder EP Cover Art

Lasting Maze – Thunder EP
Release Date: 23/04/2021
Running Time: 26:12
Review by Simon Black

This Brazilian Melodic Metal four piece have been hammering the boards since 2014 and this EP follows their first, “Silent Spring” back in 2016. There’s been a couple of singles in between, which are included on here, but it definitely feels like a full album is the next key step. The musical style doesn’t stay still, which is nice and tells me that this is a band that has depth of writing skills, but is probably struggling with the finances needed to get a full album off the ground.

Musically though, these songs are beautifully written and arranged, with some incredibly nifty and technical instrumental performances to go alongside Grazy Mesquita’s soaring vocals. What’s letting them down are the budget limitations of the recording itself, which desperately needs a bit more consistency in the recording quality. It’s clear that these songs have not all been recorded at the same time. The two singles feel like they’ve been in the can a while, as by the third track the musical tone changes significantly, becoming richer and slightly more expansive sounding. There’s no mention of a keyboard player in the blurb, but whoever it is from ‘To The Wolves’ onwards adds a nice Prog/Power dimension to the music, which is a bit punchier and brutal in its delivery and has a noticeably better recording quality. I’m not going to give them a hard time about this, as when you are just getting off the ground, have no access to the money you need for a decent studio, engineer or mixer you have to make do and hope the songs hold up well enough to move you forward. Which they do – and brilliantly so.

By the time I got to the epic final track ‘Destiny (Carry On)’ the band had me in the palm of their hand. This stands up on two firm feet because of robust song-writing, talented musicianship and sheer belief in what they are doing and they pull it off despite the recording quality. Please get an album deal, and soon, because it’s a win-win for everyone.

‘To The Wolves’ (Official Video)

01. Thunder
02. Greatest Sin
03. To the Wolves
04. Kosmos
05. Destiny (Carry On)

Grazy Mesquita – Vocals
Pedro Anselmo – Guitars
Isaac Barros – Bass
Mick Souza – Drums


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