Heavy Smasher – Heavy Smasher

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Heavy Smasher – Heavy Smasher
Release Date: 10/07/2021
Running Time: 37:19
Review by Victor Augusto

Hello, my friends, readers of my silly thoughts about the music of people who sold their souls for someone that nobody cares about. I am back to my regular life after a chaotic month of July when myself and my wife fought against this insane disease called Covid-19, but I won’t be as negative as I was on my At The Gates review, sorry for that. The main reason for this, despite the fact I am very happy to have my normal life back, is also because, today, we have a band with a positive sonority in their offering. I am talking about the Brazilian band Heavy Smasher with their classic self-titled, debut album.

Firstly, it is an honour to review material from my great friend and drummer Bruno Rocha. He is not only smashing his drum kit for this record, but also a very respected reviewer in Brazil and known as the Ambassador of the Russian band Aria, as I mentioned in my review of their most recent releases. In fact, we will call him the ruler of the beautiful city of Caucaia? (Laughs). Of course, we have many things here that makes this album very good, so let’s talk about what really matters, the music.

“The analogy to angels is purposeful and the image of the fallen angel is increasingly similar to what is understood as rock/metal sound.”. This is how the band explain the opening song ‘We Are Angels’ and the blast of this first track shows everything you can expect from the band. It is pure Heavy Metal with energy to recharge your soul and great positive feeling from all the love and passion we have for Heavy Metal. Musically, it would be easy to mention the sound of the mighty Judas Priest (from both eras with Halford and Owens on vocals), but Heavy Smasher have their own kind of play on that sound. It is more a matter of influence in this case, mainly on the riff structures and cadence.

How have the band members shown their ability on this album? Well, I can say that Bruno explores all kinds of drum styles, with rhythmic flow and fast double kicks. He chose not to be as violent as some drummers and he chose sensibly because he can play well enough to offer a great sound. The guitars of Nando Smasher and Diego Quântico have excellent chemistry between them on the riffs. Considering that we are talking about a Heavy Metal band that is more in the classical style, it means that you also have very well played solos. The bass of Luís Paulo helps to make everything heavier and is very present among the wall of guitars, as you can hear on ‘Heavy Smasher Sound’.

Nildo Gomes tries to be more aggressive with his vocal style and he is the main reason that I mention the Priest influence with both singers. Sometimes his voice is clean, reminding me of calmer songs from Priest with Halford, like in ‘In The Abyss’ or in ‘Screaming All’. However, for most of the album, he is more aggressive, in a Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens way. Don’t expect screaming high range notes which can be a bit annoying sometimes. Nildo navigates through the melodic vocals, but always with a touch of aggressiveness!

As Nando explained on the band’s EMQ’s interview with us (link below), the word Smasher in their name comes from the desire to play something heavy and is also inspired by the Hulk words “Hulk Smash” and it is that reason they have a pretty heavy sound, despite playing traditional Heavy Metal. I had the impression that the arrangements for the songs was more inspired by Black Sabbath and Dio Albums. As a result, it is like hearing Priest compositions with stronger sounding guitars, similar to the older Sabbath albums. How good do you think that could be?

The lyrics contain themes more connected to our reality. Things from the power of Heavy Metal as a way of life and also issues that we face on a daily basis. The way that Heavy Smasher use them in their music is always with a positive energy that makes you feel strong and ready to fight. I enjoyed this debut album more for all good vibes that it offers. Even the production sounds like it has a good dose of organic and raw sonority. Maybe the intention was to flee from that plastic digital sonority, that so many bands use nowadays, without sounding awful.

“Heavy Smasher” is a pretty brutal album for the Classic Heavy Metal genre but, at the same time, it carries all the good energy and mood from this style. Perhaps sounding heavy and energetic, taking care to not sound massive and tiring was the main goal for the band on their first release. It just shows that the band is more than mature enough for a debut album! Congratulations for a great album Heavy Smasher!

01. We Are Angels
02. Heavy Smasher Sound
03. Sunrise Rebel
04. Clash Of The Gods
05. FireFight
06. Face Up Reality
07. In The Abyss
08. Screaming All
09. To Be Strong

Nildo Gomes – Lead Vocals
Nando Smasher – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Diego Quântico – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Luís Paulo – Bass, Backing Vocals
Bruno Rocha – Drums


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