Andrey Smirnoff – Electric Gravity

Electric Gravity Album Cover Art

Andrey Smirnoff – Electric Gravity
Release Date: 10/09/2021
Running Time: 39:36
Review by Simon Black

For those not aware Andrey Smirnoff mostly spends his time these days cranking out the instrumental side of things for Udo Dirkschneider’s various projects, but what becomes abundantly clear approximately thirty seconds after starting to listen to this album is that his range and skills are way above and beyond those levels of Teutonic and very Traditional Heavy Metal. In fact, “Electric Gravity” is a purely instrumental album and intended to showcase that he can play way, way more than that for which he is usually associated. He does this spectacularly well…

The absolutely blistering shredder ‘Samurai’ rips my deck a new poo hole as an opening gambit, but Smirnoff immediately changes tack with the more Melodic ‘Dream It Out Loud’ and I am left with the same level of eyebrow raising surprise at the contrast that I got the first time Satch’s “Surfing With The Alien” came across my bows. This record has a lot in common with that, as there really are no two tracks that you can pigeonhole into the same style (although the production and mixing make it clearly sound consistent). Also, in common with that classic shredding opus is he’s handled all the stringed instruments and arrangements himself, with minimal keyboard and drum support. ‘Djentology’ does exactly (and Progressively) what you would expect it to do with an incredible amount of polish, and although not a style I’m too enamoured of, in this instance is little short of incredible in performance and structure, and ‘Wings Of Freedom’ wouldn’t sound out of place in a Cats In Space set adding a bit of 70’s groove to proceedings. ‘Magic Dancer’ then throws you off kilter again with a very gentle balletic structure and no percussion, before current single ‘Light And Shadow’ steals from the Joh Petrucci school of structure with brutal precision and a healthy dollop of Neo-Classicism for good measure. And just to round it off we get some Boogie, some Jazz and a healthy dollop of Modern Metal to boot, and you get an album that is positively dizzying.

There’s nothing on here that’s new and innovative musically – stylistically this is Smirnoff riffing every style he can, but what he succeeds in doing is proving that not only does he have the range, but that he can generally do it much better than most. It’s no mean feat to pull of this amount of variety, and make a purely instrumental album work to the casual listener, but he does. Before I know it, the album has flown by, and I’ve been so busy sitting back in my chair admiring the performance that I’ve forgotten to write anything down. That’s happened four times now…

‘Samurai’ (Official Video)

01. Samurai
02. Dream It Out Loud
03. Djentology
04. Wings Of Freedom
05. Magic Dancer
06. Light And Shadow
07. Coming Home
08. Twist Me
09. Escape
10. Where The Rivers Flow

Andrey Smirnoff – Guitar, Bass,
Corvin Bahn – Keyboards
Sergey Serebrennikov – Drums


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