Foivos – Distorted EP

Distorted EP Cover Art

Foivos – Distorted EP
Release Date: 04/12/2020
Running Time: 28:00
Review by Rick Tilley

The instrumental EP “Distorted” is the first release from Greek guitarist extraordinaire Foivos Zacharopoulos, a man with over 20 years of experience as a guitarist, composer and session musician, with the six compositions contained within proving his exceptionally high level as a guitarist. His musical style is basically Metal but includes a myriad of other genres!

Foivos is influenced by many established guitarists, but this definitely does not prevent him from creating his personal style, giving a thoroughly unique character to each track on “Distorted”. This personality has been created by the various combinations of musical genres he has managed to bring to various parts of this musical work and his previous experience guaranteed that the final result would turn out an enchanting experience. You only have to listen to his magnificent version of The Beatles classic ‘Eleanor Rigby’ to understand the talent we are dealing with here, a talent, however, who never forgets that composition is king!

Undoubtedly, “Distorted” is a set of inspiring musical themes that highlight the Greek guitarist as one of the most remarkable artists of this genre and he has nothing to envy from anyone.

His first release is outstanding and I cannot wait to listen to the next one, whether that is another instrumental EP/Album or with his participation in a full band.

“Distorted” (Full EP Audio)

‘Schumann Resonance’ (Home Edition Playthrough)

01. Schumann Resonance
02. Menage Sedition
03. Roadshow
04. Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Cover)
05. Distorted
06. Alleviation


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