Within Progress – Inner

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Within Progress – Inner
Release Date: 21/10/21
Running Time: 01:04:38
Review by Simon Black

I have a soft spot for the Greek acts, being part Hellenic myself, but have only discovered the movement only fairly recently, having got back into this reviewing lark during the pandemic. I have been delighted to see that it’s as varied and diverse as the islands themselves, and it’s always a delight when something new comes a long and grabs my attention, as so few of these bands ever seem to make it to the UK.

But to be clear to all press officers out there, one thing that’s not going to help you further your artistes’ cause is making it really bloody difficult to actually listen to their music for our reviews. Unfortunately, this is not helped by the fact that a small minority of Metal fans are happy to peer share their music on the internet (something we here at Ever Metal fundamentally disapprove of). And so, the labels and bands jump through all sorts of technical hoops to try and stop this, including the dreaded cloud stream format, and worst of all, Windows .wav files, which are an inferior format that’s not going to do Progressive music any favours whatsoever, given it’s a sub-genre that revels in its technical and recording prowess. We don’t get paid for this, fitting in our reviews around work and family life, and when faced with more music than we can possibly review in time, it’s not unusual to try simply just opting for something else if physically playing the records becomes too much of a technical challenge! Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I have to say I am glad that I decided to get bloody-minded about this and spend half an hour converting the files into a usable format anyway (and that’s why these hoops are pointless, as the copyright thief is going to get past these measures faster than I could), as this Greek five piece have produced a thoroughly fascinating record.

With only an EP and single released to date, pre-pandemic, this first full-length release is an important one. This is fairly dark and moody Progressive Metal, with quite a mainstream allure, and a slightly Alternative edge that gives life, breath, and space for these songs to breathe. The album opens well using this subtle approach, with the energetic and radio friendly single ‘Absolute Circle’ wisely positioned as the second track. Although there are bursts of speed from time to time, this is more about tensely restrained energy, which creates an incredible atmosphere and sense of expectation. Vocalist Efthimis has a clear and distinctive voice, full of emotion and presence, but embedded as part of a cohesive overall band sound. To add to this, he is supported by some superb vocal harmonies from the rest of the band, that scream early 70’s Pink Floyd, despite the fact that this is a thoroughly modern sounding band. This is as much Rock as it is Metal and, although the down-tuning and heaviness is definitely there, so is a subtly well-crafted vein of commercial sentiment, that deserves this band a place in the burgeoning New Wave of Classic Rock movement. The instrumental work is truly stunning as well, and feels like a cohesive band, not a bunch of individuals trying to show their skills off, which is why this is such a strong album. As is so frequently the case in Prog music, the skill at the mixing desk matches that on the instruments, and is almost an instrument in itself, which supports these beautifully and well-crafted songs to perfection.

It’s not a hurried affair, but the hour and a bit does fly by surprisingly quickly, which is a sure sign of really strong song-writing skills. Having spent so much time getting to the point of playing these songs, I probably have not had the chance to give this sort of subtle and layered music the repeated listens it, and most Prog records, deserve! But that doesn’t matter, as I know I’m not done with this one yet.

1. Sky We Want, Sky We Love
2. Absolute Circle
3. Destructional
4. Reach for the Stars
5. Hidden Wound
6. Sunlight Whispers
7. Buridan’s Paradox
8. True Colours
9. Us, the Constellations
10. Absence of Judgement
11. Of a Ruminant
12. Pathos

Giorgos – Bass
Polydoros – Drums
Vangelis – Guitar
Efthimis – Vocals
Tasos – Piano / Guitar


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