Victor’s Top 10 Releases of 2021

Victor’s Top 10 Releases Of 2021
by Victor Augusto

It’s that time of year again, where we reminisce about the days gone by, and the music we have heard. Here are Victor’s picks of the best, along with some special mentions. Have a run through his countdown to find out what his number 1 album of the year is.

10 – Gojira – “Fortitude”

Gojira - Fortitude Cover Art

09 – Exodus – “Persona Non Grata”

Exodus – "Persona Non Grata" Album Cover Art

08 – Hate – “Rugia”

Hate – "Rugia" Album Cover Art

07 – Gravehuffer – “NecroEclosion”

Gravehuffer – "NecroEclosion" Album Cover Art

06 – Venomous – “Tribus”

Venomous – "Tribus" EP Cover Art

05 – Infrared – “From the Black Swamp”

Infrared - "From the Black Swamp" Album Cover Art

04 – Sepultura – “SepulQuarta”

Sepultura – "SepulQuarta" Album Cover Art

03 – The Crown – “Royal Destroyer”

The Crown - "Royal Destroyer" Album Cover Art

02 – At The Gates – “The Nightmare Of Being”

02 – At The Gates - "The Nightmare Of Being" Album Cover Art

01 – 1914 – “Where Fear And Weapons Meet”

Where Fear And Weapons Meet Album  Cover Art

Special mentions to:
Raphael Olmos – “Make Riff, Not War”
Crypta – “Echoes Of The Soul”
Nervosa – “Perpetual Chaos”

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