Forever Falling – Suspended Over The Immanent

Suspended Over The Immanent Album Cover Art

Forever Falling – Suspended Over The Immanent
MSH Music Group
Release Date: 27/11/21
Running Time: 47:15
Review by Rick Eaglestone

As the night’s turned in and the frost appeared Italy’s Forever Falling released their debut album “Suspended Over The Immanent”.

Winter is just the best time for doom, isn’t it? Everything I mentioned earlier just puts me in the mood to listen over & over to the melancholic harmonies that play throughout. And yes, I may be guilty of going for the same releases over and over, but there is one thing that changes my thinking: a debut album as the undiscovered – an unknown part – which is still something that intrigues me. 

The album starts off with the instrumental ‘Bless This Floor’ and although it’s atmospheric and does set the scene I felt that it was too long and would’ve worked better as an intro track at maybe half the length. However the first track proper,  ‘Dark Friend’, is such a great track, with differing vocal styles and changes, and a heart pounding drum pattern.

A goosebump moment happens as soon as ‘Nightmare’ begins to play, as it’s everything I love about the genre and yes there’s violins! So, this is easily my highlight track of the album which, paired with the nearly eight-minute marathon that is ‘My Tears in Life’, makes the album for me. 

The insomniac’s anthem ‘I Will Never Sleep’ has some beautiful guitar parts, and this is followed by another longer track, ‘Only Emptiness’, which has some long speaking parts that I didn’t necessarily enjoy, fortunately this was remedied by the shorter ‘To Die in Silence’ which I loved.

The album finishes with ‘Dark Painting of the I’ and it’s a great track to end on. It did make me emotional, which is actually a good thing! Also, I’m really glad there wasn’t the temptation to end with an outro track as this was really well done.

01. Bless This Floor
02. Dark Friend
03. Nightmare
04. My Tears in Life
05. I Will Never Sleep
06. Only Emptiness
07. To Die in Silence
08. Dark Painting of the I

John Suffering – Vocals 
Tullio Carleo – Guitar, Drums, Keyboards


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