Deadscape – Of The Deepest Shade

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Deadscape – Of The Deepest Shade
Release Date: 14/01/2022
Running Time: 47:42
Review by Victor Augusto

Melodic Death Metal. Maybe you’ve already read these words in my introductions to reviews before but if you don’t remember, it was in reference to a band which is not related to the subject of this review today. About a year ago I started my review for the Brazilian band Venomous in the context of saying that it was kind of restrictive for me to call them just a Melodic Death Metal band. Guess what – today I find myself basically using the same words to describe the music that Bulgarian band Deadscape play (albeit with slightly different arguments).

First of all, I have to say that my first impressions were that I was in front of a well-balanced Doom and Atmospheric band. I won’t risk saying if the style is more Doom, Atmospheric or Shoegaze, because I see these Metal genres as being something very specific for the people who understand them, which is not my case. By the way, my honest congratulations if you are the kind of genius reviewer who is able to go deep into all these different styles, because it is not just anyone that can have expertise in this field. 

But what the hell do you want to say, my dear prolix Victor? Well, the band describe themselves as influenced by bands like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and other good names from the Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal scene. From this list, I have listened to a lot of Dark Tranquillity’s music, but it is undeniable that Doom and Atmospheric fit well as terms of reference. Nevertheless, this is a positive aspect, because I am talking about two different worlds that can perfectly match here. Probably I am being a little stupid in just discovering a hybrid something which has existed for a long time, but forgive me as it is not a of style I know very deeply.

So to try to demystify the mess of information I have given you so far, Deadscape put a great amount of heavy and distorted work into the guitar sounds, delivered by Ivan Bratoev and Ani Dimitrova. Most of this work is built on some amazing melodies and harmonies. Probably these two last elements are  70% of what they focused on here, but all the rest are good riffs that make the words “Death Metal” a huge part of the mix. Ivan Kolev also had a mission to split a strong beat on his drums with good cadence, creating a great mix of heaviness and dense mood. Just on ‘The Artist’ and ‘Stillborn’ the music seems to get heavier with great riff introductions in a faster cadence, but still with all the elements, despite this little turn of sonority. This last song was the track which most reminded of the old days of Dark Tranquillity, probably the closest in style in particular.

I like it when a bass player has a role in bands that helps everything to disappear into the mix with their instrument. In the context of Death Metal, this can easily happen, but Alexander Trifonov doesn’t, as we can hear on ‘The Shadow of the Clouds’ and ‘Ending’. By the way, this last song is one that brings a more happy vibe along with a bit of a faster pace. There are few clean voices also on this track, which I imagine is the bassist Alexander complementing the heavy vocal of Mirela Kaneva. And talking of Mirela Kaneva’s vocals, she does a great job given what the style asks for, but don’t expect anything extraordinary. The interpretations are OK, but I felt a few more variations in style, or a little more feeling of expression, to really bring out what the words say, would have helped enormously. Sometimes the delivery sounds a bit of samey, but, as I mentioned, she accomplishes her task well regardless. 

Let’s not forget we are listening to a debut full album of a band who are very young. For me, their main goal is to offer music which will perfectly please fans of Melodic Death Metal, but who perhaps don’t like things to be so Extreme; to also appeal to fans of Doom, but who also miss something more exciting. I am sure that with a bit more experience behind them, they will achieve something truly incredible, because “Of The Deepest Shade” is already amazing.

‘Stillborn’ (Official Video)

01. To Ashes  
02. Forsaken
03. The Brightest Light  
04. The Artist
05. Stillborn  
06. In Desolate Silence  
07. As Seasons Change  
08. Witherer  
09. From the Colourless Skies 
10. The Shadow of the Clouds  
11. Ending 
12. The Ever-Pouring Rain

Mirela Kaneva – Vocals 
Alexander Trifonov – Bass/Vocals 
Ivan Bratoev – Guitars 
Ani Dimitrova – Guitars 
Ivan Kolev – Drums


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