TUGT – Ved Lysets Ophør

Ved Lysets Ophør Album Cover Art

TUGT – Ved Lysets Ophør
Onism Productions
Release Date: 11/02/2022

Running Time: 57:09
Review by Wallace Magri
10 /10

Tugt’s Bandcamp profile gives us just enough information to get in artistic touch with “Ved Lysets Ophør”; there is only written the words: “Negative vessel of Skoggangr”. The guy, who is the only composer for Tugt, is well known for playing on renowned Danish Black Metal bands –  not even one that I have ever heard of, I must confess. 

But I definitely know one thing or two about music that fills ‘negative vessels’, which is pretty much what I look for when I choose songs to listen to.  So, in that case, “Ved Lysets Ophør”, from Denmark based band Tugt feels like ‘home’ for a Brazilian delusional brain, just like mine!

And to be honest with you, what scares me the most about that kind of music is how the darkness and negativity comes from simple musical choices, such as … the Blues… yeah, you read it right; basic Blues music structures, as it is heard on ‘Gråsind’, which brought to my mind the scariest Robert Johnson’s songs that I am able to remember. I can’t exactly remember those songs’ names, but how do I feel when I am reminded of that kind of dissonant, melancholic devilish music… 

As everybody already knows, Robert Johnson was the Blues guitar player that, around 1930, allegedly sold his soul to the Devil, sitting on the crossroads somewhere around the Mississippi Delta… from where the sound of the electric guitars that we (Metalheads) love so much nowadays comes from (at least, some say so)!

Of course, a minimalistic production, lots of distorted riffs, melancholic guitar phrases, ethereal and chaotic screaming vocals, conducted by double bass drum and a couple of blast beats helped to make that old musical atmosphere thicker, getting back to 2022, on songs like ‘Mareridt’, ‘Sjæledød’ and theirs post-Black Metal approach, and some Bathory-like reminiscences here and there, as far as my Black Metal memoirs can reach, while I listen to “Ved Lysets Ophør” over and over again… feeling myself pretty sick for enjoying this kind of ‘dark trance trip’.

Basically, that is my ethereal impressions about this solo project by Skoggangr, that relates to what I am looking for, when I want to release some negativity from my mind. Very therapeutic, indeed.  

Afterwards, reading the press release from Tugt, I learnt that it took 8 years for Skoggangr to come up with “Ved Lysets Ophør”, what made it even clearer to me is that it takes lots of effort and resilience to produce an album with such soulless and legitimate content of plain and simple negativity, as is the case of this masterpiece. 


01. Sorte Stunder 
02. De Hvide Sale 
03. Gråsind 
04. Mareridt 
05. Fortabt
06. Sjæledød
07. Efterspil 

Skoggangr – Guitar, Vocals
Saxtorph – Bass, Atmosphere
Ahnstøm-  Drums


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