Bury The Kingdom- Bury The Kingdom

Bury The Kingdom EP Cover Art

Bury The Kingdom- Bury The Kingdom
Sliptrick Records

Release Date: 07/06/2022
Running Time: 19:00
Review by Rory Bentley 

Being Mr Nasty Hardcore at Ever Metal has resulted in a lot of Metalcore getting sent my way since I started here. This is both a blessing and a curse, because on the one hand the more mainstream end of the genre is, for a large part, creatively redundant and a total snooze but also the heavier end of things is still thriving in the underground. 

Thankfully this debut EP is delightfully disgusting and a million miles away from the sterile clones that I can’t be bothered to dignify with a mention. The production is grimy, the guitars are devastating and the vocals are suitably unhinged.

If you open your EP with a song called ‘War’, you’re probably not going for subtlety and a few seconds of the song confirms Bury The Kingdom are here to break my face. Lovely stuff! Beginning with bouncy elastic riffs with enough low end to make you change your underwear, things rapidly move into fist-pumping righteous chants that manage to be catchy without a hint of melody. It’s almost bordering on DeathCore but there’s way more hooks and riff variety on show, so things never feel monotone.

‘Force Fed’ comes in with more bouncy riffs that sound like steroided-up Korn colliding with Lamb of God. There’s melodic vocals, but they have a 90’s Roadrunner band feel to them rather than a saccharine good cop bad cop approach. The eerie guitar textures and news report voiceover add extra atmosphere to the song and bolster the theme of social injustice that spans across the EP. 

Meanwhile the more nuanced drum-led intro to “The Unveiling” builds unbearable tension before decimating you with discordant riffs and the cleanest chorus so far which, while sung in a higher register never feels weak or watered down. The rhythm section refuses to give anything less than both barrels throughout, ensuring this more melodic excursion retains the same grit and drive as the previous two tracks.

By the self-titled final track “Bury The Kingdom” I really appreciated the dramatic, cinematic overtones of the band’s sound which lend an epic quality to the material like Bleeding Through in their Blackened Hardcore prime. Once more there’s clean singing that is used tastefully and sparingly rather than ripping off Architects like a billion other bands have been doing for the last few years. The track builds wonderfully until the last ringing chord sends you away hungry for more.

Talk about putting your best foot forward, this is four tracks of seething anger with a fine production job and a really nasty sound that still has you humming along. Lads I need an album ASAP, after such an exquisite starter, I’m ready to smash my plate over my head when the main course arrives!

‘Bury The Kingdom’ Official Video

01. War
02. Force Fed
03. The Unveiling 
04. Bury The Kingdom

Vox – Vocals 
Skin – Drums 
Grind – Guitar 
Shred – Guitar 
Low – Bass


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