Vomit Forth – Seething Malevolence

Seething Malevolence Album Cover Art

Vomit Forth – Seething Malevolence
Century Media Records
Release Date: 08/07/22
Running Time: 29:01
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Vomit Forth aren’t a band I’m familiar with, but that was immediately slapped out of me with the short ‘Untitled’ intro – there’s something about Synths right now that I just can’t seem to get enough of. This was different though, as there was something dark and twisted about it which seeps into the bludgeoning ‘Eucharist Intact’. I’ve been well and truly initiated.

Hands down ‘Pain Tolerance’ has to be my highlight track. It’s full of OSDM elements, but has a snarling quality that just invades my eardrums. This is followed immediately by the absolutely unrelenting ‘Tortured Sacrament’, which make me feel how I did when I discovered Cannibal Corpse in the 90’s. It’s a strange feeling, the warmth of nostalgia with the cold crushing heaviness, but that’s what I’m left with here.

At this point of listening to my review, my wife walks in and pulls a face like someone has run over a kitten. If the track in question ‘Unrecognizable’ was a vehicle, it would be a monster truck – poor fictional kitty, also, this track has a phenomenal guitar solo and title track ‘Seething Malevolence’ has live crowd favourite written all over it. 

This album is unapologetic in its delivery ‘Severely Wounded’ briefly gives the impression that maybe, just maybe, things may mellow the band, though they may well have other plans to continue to engulf the listener with really skull pounding Death Metal, but just sprinkle in these subtle elements throughout. It’s incredibly well blended, with tracks like ‘Carnivorous Incantation’ & synth laden instrumental ‘I Feel Nothing’ feeling like throwbacks, but with a firm boot pressed into the future.

“Seething Malevolence” concludes with ‘Predatory Saviour’, which has some great basslines and final track ‘Pious Killing Floor’ showing all the mercy of a Vipco vaults of horror movie! 

Vocalist Kane Gelaznik wanted to change how people look at Death Metal and collectively Vomit Forth may just have succeeded. 

‘Carnivorous Incantations’ Official Video

01. Untitled
02. Eucharist Intact
03. Pain Tolerance
04. Tortured Sacrament
05. Unrecognizable 
06. Seething Malevolence
07. Severely Wounded
08. Carnivorous Incantation
09. I Feel Nothing
10. Predatory Saviour
11. Pious Killing Floor

Nick Herrmann – Drums
Ricky Brayall – Guitar
Tyler Bidwell – Bass
Kane Gelaznik – Vocals


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