Deströyer 666 – Never Surrender

Deströyer 666 – Never Surrender
Season of Mist 
Release Date: 02/12/22
Running Time: 40:09
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Australia’s favourite Black Thrash trio return with their new release “Never Surrender.”

Opening with the title track ‘No Surrender’ its snarling start and building riff sets the tone for the entire album, which is followed in turn by the maniacal shrill of ‘Andraste.’

Lined up like the twins of evil are the collective highlight tracks ‘Guillotine’ and ‘Pitch Black Night’ not only is it a great pairing, but they are unapologetically laden with glorious solos.

Continuing the crusade into the unholy lands are where ‘Mirror’s Edge’ and ‘Grave Raiders’ are unleased and quite honestly as the album continues my highlight track selection keeps changing as quickly as the pace of the release. 

All that remains is one last unholy trinity starting with ‘Savage Rights’ ‘Rather Death’ and finally the mostly almost doom laden ‘Batavia’s Graveyard’, which has some great soundscapes and even silkier guitar tones, and even though its aesthetic differs from other tracks it’s still comfortable with its position and slower demeanour. 

A beautiful blend of blasphemy!

‘Never Surrender’ Official Music Video 

01. Never Surrender
02. Andraste
03. Guillotine 
04. Pitch Black Night
05. Mirror’s Edge 
06. Grave Raiders
07. Savage Rights
08. Rather Death
09. Batavia’s Graveyard

R.C. Vocals/Bass
Keith K Warslut – Vocals/Guitar
Perracide– Bass


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