Legendarium – Death’s Hand In Yours

Legendarium – Death’s Hand In Yours
Release Date: 09/12/22
Running Time: 35:00
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Veering through genre’s left and right Netherland’s own Legendarium return with new album “Deaths Hand In Yours”. Immediately laden with throwback solos, the album is off to great start with title track ‘Death’s Hand In Yours’ which tumbles into the medieval realm with ‘Arcane Magics of Ancient Origin’ which has great atmospheric parts with a differing vocal style to the album’s opener.

My highlight track comes in the form of old school Thrash ‘The Demonic’ delivers in every way and more than gives the devil his due, the guttural vocal tones and solos that also run through it accompanying fury of the drum patters just make this a solid track. As the album ventures on, differing styles creep in ‘Caelador, Destroyer’ has the attitude of early Misfits, which is followed by shadows of Venom on ‘…And All Shall Perish’ and there is even unexpected jazz in the bagging area that sneaks into ‘Black Magic / Touch of Evil’.

Forging on, the album builds up momentum with ‘Killing Fields’ then there is even a slight dabble into the world of Prog on ‘Angrippa’ before the rabbit hole of early punk gets a revisit with ‘Immortal’. Finally, the album concludes with ‘The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls’ that has nice Bluesy Doom element to it and just as you think the track is over it breaks into ‘Skulls’ by the Misfits, which I thought was a great touch.

A great album for the cold frost of winter.

‘Death’s Hand In Yours’ Official Audio

01. Death’s Hand In Yours
02. Arcane Magics of Ancient Origin
03. The Demonic
04. Caelador, Destroyer
05. …And All Shall Perish
06. Black Magic/Touch of Evil
07. Killing Fields
08. Angrippa
09. Immortal
10. The Ritual of the Thousand Skulls

Laurence Kerbov – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards.
Stefano Vaccari – Drums. 
Jared Archon – Saxophone.


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