Uburen – Usurp The Throne

Uburen – Usurp The Throne
Release Date: 20/01/23
Running Time: 34:11
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Norwegian Black / Viking metal band follow up 2019’s “And The Mountains Weep” with eight brand new tracks united by a vision of God as a being who deceives through false prophecies, collectively entitled “Usurp The Throne”. Album opener ‘En Dod Manns Drom’ Serves a great slow building introduction to the album leading into the fury of “Harken Now” Wonderfully.

Highlight track ‘When The River Breaks’ still maintains a level of aggression, but many other styles are introduced, which gives this almost a storytelling feel to it. Whereas the album’s title track ‘Usurp The Throne’ is very much deep rooted in Black Metal with its frostbitten guitar tones and nature which makes for a formidable pairing. 

As the record moves on into ‘Defiance Towards Futility’, the album seems to continue into the raw black metal which personally is never a bad thing although I did think ‘Bring Forth Ragnarök’ might have had a bit more of a Viking Metal sound to it but as previously mentioned the album has firmly grasped its claw into the aforementioned Black Metal style. ‘None Is Forgotten’ is again another confirmation of this but the final track does serve as a reprieve, and I get my wish because ‘As Sorrow Turns To Hate” has more of the soundscapes I had envisioned. Overall enjoyable but I would’ve like to seen a bit more balance in styles.

‘Usurp The Throne’ Official Audio

01. En Dod Manns Drom
02. Harken Now
03. When The River Breaks
04. Usurp The Throne
05. Defiance Towards Futility
06. Bring Forth Ragnarök
07. None Is Forgotten
08. As Sorrow Turns To Hate

Ask Kjetilson – Vocals, Guitars
Bior Kjetilson – Vocals, Bass, Vocals 
Wrage Steinarson – Drums


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