Cemetery Moon – Cemetery Moon

Cemetery Moon – Cemetery Moon
Release Date: 05/05/2023
Running Time: 27:11
Review by Rick Eaglestone

After years of lurking in obscurity, Cemetery Moon have emerged triumphantly with their self-titled debut album “Cemetery Moon”.

Starting proceedings is the eerie introduction, ‘Phantasm’ which almost amplifies the rawness of the full-on black metal assault that is ‘Only Demons’. Apparition’s deeper style of vocals contain the venomousness of the 90’s Norwegian style and there also some nice soundscapes entwined.

Next thrusting out of the speakers is ‘Limitless Contempt’ which is woefully short put it is well paired with ‘Eyes of the False God’ which has a slower, more purposeful tempo and there is short burst of dungeon synth with the thirty second ‘You Went the Wrong Way’ courtesy of Astoroth.

‘The Bleak Universal’ brings the album back to its heavier roots and has familiar growls but with some well-placed clean backing vocals from Langeloth. This track in particular has my favourite guitar parts of the album. 

Unapologetically visceral and reminiscent of Venom is ‘Army of Darkness’, another song that I would’ve liked to heard more from but again is short in delivery. It is paired very well with ‘A Voice in the Woods’ and is painfully short which again is a shame as I would like to hear more, but then again it’s predominantly a black metal album so I should expect it right?

Redeeming the debut is ‘Lifes Enduring Lie’ which is similar in delivery to ‘The Bleak Universal’ but has more meat on the bones so it has to be my highlight track.

Finally, the album concludes with the instrumental ‘I Haven’t Forgotten’ which has more of an atmospheric feel to it and finishes the album off nicely.

01. Phantasm
02. Only Demons
03. Limitless Contempt
04. Eyes of the False God
05. You Went the Wrong Way
06. The Bleak Universal
07. Army of Darkness
08. A Voice in the Woods
09. Life’s Enduring Lie
10. I Haven’t Forgotten

Apparition – lead vocals, guitars, percussion, synths.
Astoroth – bass, synths.
Langeloth – guitars, backing vocals.


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