Tombstalker – Age of Darkness EP

Tombstalker – Age of Darkness EP
Boris Records
Release Date: 29/05/23
Running Time: 20:27
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Kentucky’s Tombstalker celebrate their 15th anniversary by not only unveiling a new line-up but also a brand-new EP marking a new “Age of Darkness”. 

Tombstalker immediately set the tempo to maniacal with opener ‘Astral Combat’ which has filthy vocals, searing drums, nicely executed guitar parts and basslines that sound like they have been dragged through a swamp. This is off to a very good start indeed. This is then followed by the longest track and very much like its predecessor, ‘Titan Warlord’ has a blistering heartbeat throughout.

The title track switches direction completely. ‘Age of Darkness’ is a well-constructed piece and its instrumental acoustics and soundscapes certainly add another dynamic, but I am just not sure about its placement in the centre, especially in such a short format. As soon as I first heared what would become my highlight track ‘Final Night’ (which embedded in its intense nature were some really nice classic metal sounds) it was only confirmed that I felt the last two tracks should’ve been switched. 

Overall, I did enjoy it, the problem being just like a small tub of strawberry cheesecake Haagen Dazs I would consume the entire thing at an unnatural pace and then wish I had had the big tub. A swift strike of hammer crushing death metal.

‘Astral Combat’ Official Audio

01. Astral Combat
02. Titan Warlord
03. Age of Darkness
04. Final Night

Conqueror Horus: Vocals/Guitar
Defiler: Bass
Gruftspüre: Guitar
Contagion: Drums


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