Bongzilla – Dab City

Bongzilla – Dab City
Heavy Psych Sounds
Release date: 02/06/2023
Running time: 57:00
Review by Alun Jones

What’s that lumbering out of the murky haze?  Why, it’s none other than Bongzilla, trampling everything in their path with gargantuan, sludgy riffs whilst surrounded by billows of smoke.  No need to run, citizens – these dudes move too slow to pose any physical threat, you’ll outrun them easily.  This music is not about speed.  It’s about being refreshed beyond all recognition.

“Dab City” is the sixth album for Bongzilla, and their second for the Heavy Psych Sounds label.  They’ve been firmly established as a three piece for some time, comprising of Mike “Muleboy” Makela on bass and vocals, Jeff “Spanky” Schultz on guitar and Mike “Magma” Henry on drums.  Unsurprisingly, the album was recorded with the assist of various “mood enhancements”, right onto analogue tape.

There are seven songs here, with several of them hovering around (or over) the ten-minute mark.  You’re definitely getting your money’s worth.  Title track and opener ‘Dab City’ clocks in at 11.51 of super heavy, psychedelic sludge.  ‘Cannonbong (The ballad of Burnt Reynolds as lamented by Dixie Dave Collins)’ rolls in at nearly 14 minutes of slow’n’steady, frazzled doom metal.  And what a song title!

Other tracks offer more fried and fuzzed out Rock, with ‘Hippie Stick’ and ‘American Pot’ revealing a groove and swing to their sound.  Vocals are less smoky and strangled and more like a zombie from The Walking Dead, but it all melts together well.  I don’t think there are any shocks on “Dab City”, but who cares?  Bongzilla have concocted a ripe batch of Stoner, sludgy Metal that will satisfy the righteous.

And remember, kids – don’t do drugs!      

01. Dab City
02. KIng Of Weed
03. Cannonbong (The ballad of Burnt Reynolds as lamented by Dixie Dave Collins)
04. C.A.R.T.S.
05. Hippie Stick
06. Diamonds and Flower
07. American Pot 

Mike “Muleboy” Makela – vocals & bass
Jeff “Spanky” Schultz – guitar
Mike “Magma” Henry – drums


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