Tides of Sulphur – Apathy Chasm

Tides Of Sulfur – Apathy Chasm
APF Records
Release Date: 29/09/2023
Running Time: 39:10
Review by Richard Oliver

If you want an album that is the definition of pissed off then look no further than “Apathy Chasm” which is the second full-length album from South Wales sludge bastards Tides Of Sulfur. Their first release since 2019 which saw the excellent EP “Paralysis Of Reason”, “Apathy Chasm” is the “result of the gushing torrent of disgust that was the last 4 years” and “the reaction to the actions we endured”. While previous releases from the band were suitably rage-filled, they are but a walk in the park to what Tides Of Sulfur have unleashed this time round with “Apathy Chasm” being the most caustic and aggressive release to date.

The band’s signature sludge metal sound is still there but there is a far greater injection of extreme metal sounds this time round from black metal fury of album opener ‘Anxiety Veteran’ to the death metal break in ‘Disgruntled’ to the d-beat and grindcore stylings of ‘Blame Thrower’. These are all songs which will batter you within an inch of your life, bursting with anger and vitriol while a slower and sludgier song such as ‘Summer Of Snakes’ is no less intense and bursting at the seams with frustration and despair. Frontman Chris Bull pours all his anger and frustration into his vocal performance, sounding like he is going to vomit up his lungs at any time (in the best possible way).  

The performances on the whole album are furious and intensive and the band really sound like they are exorcising some demons.  The performances are also aided by a meaty production and mix which really helps these songs leap from your speakers and grab you by the throat. Tides Of Sulfur always step it up a notch with each subsequent release and “Apathy Chasm” is no exception. This is 100% the band’s most intensive and violent release to date and easily their strongest material as well.  Great to see some local talent really upping their game and releasing an album which will rip the face off any unsuspecting listener.  

Tides of Sulphur – ‘Anxiety Veteran’ (Official Video)

01. Anxiety Veteran
02. Ruined 
03. (If The Earth Is Flat Then Why Is My Life Constantly Going) Downhill 
04. Disgruntled
05. Summer Of Snakes 
06. Blame Thrower 
07. Open The Vain 
08. Nazinsky

Chris Bull – Vocals, Bass, Noise
Anthony “Snake” O’Shea – Guitars, Vocals
Tom Lee – Drums, Backing Vocals


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