Slôdder – A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things

Slôdder – A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things
Majestic Mountain Records
Release Date: 24/11/2023
Running Time: 36:05
Review by Gaz Bates
6 /10

“Misanthropic Sludge” – The 2 words that drew me to this album as I read the press pack sent to Ever Metal. With shades of Soilent Green and a touch of Weedeater, ‘A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things’ is a bludgeoning assault of groovy riffs, paint stripping vocals and ill meant intent.

This album was recorded in an impressive 19 and a half hours, live and raw, to capture the energy of Slôdder, a band I have not had the pleasure of seeing yet (Something I will rectify after hearing this). Other than the vocals being a little too low in the mix, and not as clear as I would like, ‘A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things’, is a quality Sludge album, for fans of Soilent Green, Weedeater and EyeHateGod. Songs like ‘REMFS’ and the title track really show off the riff writing ability of the band; heavy, groovy and soaked in fuzz. These songs lead the way for ‘Shitwalker’, a monster of a song with a riff that will make your head move without you realising. ‘Bumrushed’ is the song that stands out for me, maybe because I’m a Bass player and the intro to this song has a great Bassline to draw you in. Parts of ‘Still No Friends’ could be considered a Drone or Noise metal. Heavy and brutal, vocally this song is depraved, with strained screams closing it out, sounding like some kind of scream therapy. Once this is through the groove comes back in full force in the form of a 2-minute-long banger named ‘46’.

All in all I like this album, there are some great riffs and some very catchy parts to hook you in, I just wish the production quality was better. That being said, I think Slodder have a bright future in the Sludge scene.

02. A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things
03. Shitwalker
04. Warpaint
05. Bumrushed
06. Still no Friends
07. 46
08. Reptile


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