Kerry King – From Hell I Rise

Kerry King – From Hell I Rise
Reigning Pheonix Music
Release Date: 17/05/2024
Running Time: 43:57
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Kerry King needs no introduction and now the time has come to slither from the shadow of Slayer to full on annihilation mode with debut solo outing “From Hell I Rise”. 

I think we can all agree that after 2019 most people were left with an itch to scratch, although we did not know it at the time Kerry King still felt there was some unfinished business and clearly, he wasn’t done.

Still heavily leaning into themes such as religion and war, instrumental intro track ‘Diablo’ serves a nice little morsel into the album’s real test ‘Where I Reign’ well, because I cannot be the only one to wonder how much like Slayer will it sound like. This is something I feel King has very much expected and has not shied away from 

“I think people are going to compare it to Slayer. I’m not afraid of that because I think it stands up to anything we’ve done in our history, musically, performance-wise.” That said, “There will be people complaining, ‘Why does it sound like Slayer?’ And ‘why doesn’t it sound more like Slayer? That’s just what people do.”

The monumental task of vocals falls to Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda who was the only one considered he makes immediate impact and solidifies that choice with blood curdling screams on ‘Residue’.

There is an air of Repentless to this album that may be down to the fact the King started writing around then for this debut. ‘Idle Hands’ has some particularly gritty riffs and swirling solos and ‘Trophies Of The Tyrant’ has its roots firmly in the mid 90’s.

Okay, let’s just take a breath and acknowledge that ‘Crucifixation’ is easily the highlight track from this release, a dominating future live classic for sure with that chorus!!! The ferocity is balanced nicely with the foreboding nature of ‘Tension’.

Unfortunately, ‘Everything I Hate About You’ is not an Ugly Kid Joe cover. Instead it is 80 seconds of straight up aggression which is served cold and stern before a familiar soundscape fires through ‘Toxic’, again disappointingly not a Britney Spears cover either. All jokes aside this section of the album is everything looking for that certain something will no doubt be enamoured with – I know I was.

‘Two Fists’ takes a punkier swing into the aptly named ‘Rage’ which as you guess is a full-on aural assault. 

‘Shrapnel’ has a great create narrative aesthetic leaving only title track ‘From Hell I Rise’ at 3:33 to bang in the final nail in the naysayers coffin, which admittedly before hearing it I absolutely was but there is something about having your face melted off in a majestic way to completely change your perspective.

‘Residue’ Official Music Video

01. Diablo
02. Where I Reign
03. Residue
04. Idle Hands
05. Trophies Of The Tyrant
06. Crucifixation
07. Tension
08. Everything I Hate About You
09. Toxic
10. Two Fists
11. Rage

Kerry King – guitars
Mark Osegueda – vocals
Phil Demmel – guitars
Kyle Sanders – bass
Paul Bostaph – drums


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