Fireproven – Omnipresence EP

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Fireproven – Omnipresence EP
Release Date: 29/06/2013
Running Time 22:38
Review by Rick Tilley

Since we launched Ever Metal just over six weeks ago most of the submissions from bands and record companies etc. have been from 2016 and 2017, as you would expect, but a small number of bands have submitted older material. With the amount of albums and EP’s we’ve received in that time, those particular releases would usually have to be put to one side. As much as Dawn and I would like to help every band it is physically impossible to cover everything but it doesn’t stop me trying to listen to everything, even if that is at some ungodly hour of the night/morning.

With that in mind, occasionally you come across something so good that, even though it is four years old, you still want to shout from the rooftops ‘PLEASE LISTEN’. That is what has happened to me with the ‘Omnipresence’ EP from Finnish band Fireproven. In this case it does help that they are currently recording their debut album and therefore this review can be seen as a preview to that release!

‘Omnipresence’ contains three tracks of such beauty and ferocity that the Progressive Metal world has to sit up and take notice of this this hugely talented four-piece because if the debut album is half as good as what I’ve been listening to here then, it goes without saying, that Fireproven are going to be making huge waves. Imagine Dream Theater mixing it up with Atheist whilst being closely watched over by Threshold and Symphony X and you’ll be getting an idea of how good this is!

‘New Born Truth’ is the first track and puts you straight in the mood. It’s absolutely stunning, ferociously heavy but hugely melodic at the same with a twin vocal attack courtesy of bassist Juha Väätämöinen, who provides the growls and the remarkable and beautiful clean voice of guitarist Janne Väätämöinen. His clarity, range and pitch are astounding and together the voices work amazingly well. Musically Fireproven are pretty complicated with time and tempo changes peppering each song but it never sounds disjointed and all the parts are woven together into a whole that, incredibly, still manages to be completely catchy and hummable. ‘As Above, So Below’ is next and is even more accessible. It’s difficult to know where to start when music grabs you like this because it just sounds like I’m dribbling superlatives at an alarming rate!

Unfortunately, for me, Fireproven leave the best song to last and it is an absolute epic. ’18 Hells’ is split into three parts and ten and a half minutes long. It showcases just how unbelievably good this band is. This is the best song Dream Theater never wrote and will never write. Janne’s guitar work is sublime, the drums of Nuutti Hannula are thunderously good and, last but most certainly not least, the keyboards of Ilari Hannula are easily the best thing on the EP and that is really saying something!

Fireproven have utterly floored me with how good ‘Omnipresence’ is. It’s clever, different enough to stand out but familiar enough to immediately be comfortable with. Progressive Metal has a new heavyweight contender and I cannot wait to be on the receiving end of a sucker punch when the album arrives!

(PS For this EP Fireproven also had a fifth member with Teppo Laurio listed as ‘DJ & FX and his sounds do add a lot to the atmosphere.)

1. New Born Truth
2. As Above, So Below
3. 18 Hells:
Part 1 ‘Samsara Waves’
Part 2 ‘The Vision’
Part 3 ‘Omnipresence’

Janne – Guitars
Juha – Bass & Vocals
Sanna – Vocals
Ilari – Keyboards
Nuutti – Drums


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