Slow Down World – False Flag Operation EP

False Flag Operation Cover

Slow Down World – False Flag Operation EP
Leahling Records
Release Date 08/02/2017
Running Time 12:33
Review by Rick Tilley

‘False Flag Operation’ is the second EP from South Devon based Slow Down World and I hope they don’t mind me saying that the three songs on offer have left me a little confused! Slow Down World were formed in early 2012 and describe themselves as a ‘NWOBHM Influenced, Female Fronted, Heavy Rock Band with Progressive Elements’! My confusion stems from their description because that’s not really what I hear when listening to them and I’m not quite sure the band know what they are aiming for either.

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way first. Despite that opening paragraph ‘False Flag Operation’ is not a bad EP and the band do show some interesting ideas. Everything here is pretty enjoyable and I imagine, in a live setting, Slow down World would certainly get a crowd going! I can definitely hear what they describe as the NWOBHM influences, in fact that part of their sound is really quite good, although a little loose in places with regards to the drumming! Opening, title track, kicks off with a fairly solid riff and leads to a catchy enough chorus, likewise the second track ‘Alive’, which slows things down, has another fairly good riff plus a good solo and final track ‘The Day Of The Unconquered Sun’, which is the best song here, has a simple and repetitive chugging riff, which kicks in after each chorus, that would get even the most jaded person bouncing around! So it’s not really the music!

My confusion lies with the female lead vocals of Arabella! She’s not a bad vocalist but she’s more of an Alt-Metal/Modern Punk shouter/speaker. She very rarely gets into what I would call singing mode and on a couple of occasions, most notably in ‘Alive’ she comes across as a bit weak and lethargic! Overall I’m not sure her style suits the music of Slow Down World. Its one style too many on top of the varying genres already apparent within the music. I’ll give the band their dues, at least they are trying something different and, perhaps, if this line-up sticks together then they might find a way of making these styles work together in a more fluid way but at the moment, to my ears, it feels like they are trying to force a square peg into a round hole!

1. False Flag Operation
2. Alive
3. The Day Of The Unconquered Sun


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