Seasons Hollow – To Suffocate Silence (EP)

Seasons Hollow - To Suffocate Silence EP Cover

Seasons Hollow – To Suffocate Silence (EP)
Release Date: 24/01/2017
Running time:  17:18
Review by Vikkie “Queen of Rock” Richmond

Hereford five piece Seasons Hollow were only formed in 2015 and “To Suffocate Silence” is their debut EP.  The alt-rockers are currently performing a slew of gigs up and down the country and are gaining a steady following through their somewhat low-key style.

Track one of four on the EP, “Last Confession”, starts with some good, solid riffs and although the vocals jar a little initially, this is a good strong opener.  Second track “Broken” features some tidy drum work, with an almost instrumental feel before ramping up with a sweet guitar riff into a big wall of sound.

Penultimate track, “I Was Blind” is a funky belter of a track, featuring a dirty riff flowing through the song and some nice vocal stylings. The last song, actually called “Song”, is an altogether more pacey affair; the only thing I would say is that the screams around the 3:20 mark could be much more powerful.  I’m not sure if that comes naturally to Joe, but open up those lungs and let go!

To be fair, there is work to be done here but having said that, it is Season’s Hollow first attempt at getting music out there and given that fact, it’s really pretty good.  I will be interested to see in which direction they go from here and how these songs translate to the live stage.

Seasons Hollow describe themselves as “honing in on a unique sound that stands out among the rest”; I’m not entirely sure that’s the case as there are a lot of similar bands around at present who have a style that is not a million miles away from this, however they are to be congratulated for taking the bull by the horns and getting their music out there, without waiting for a record company to come along and notice them.  Persistence is the key and I have a feeling these guys have that by the bucket load, so this is definitely a band to watch for the future.

01. Last Confession
02. Broken
03. I Was Blind
04. Song

Seasons Hollow band pic

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