Satan’s Satyrs – The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones Cover

Satan’s Satyrs – The Lucky Ones
Riding Easy Records, Bad Omen
Release Date: 19/10/2018
Running Time: 35:00
Review by: Alun Jones

Satan, eh? Old Beelzebub has had a long-established association with rock’n’roll. Most notably there was dear old Black Sabbath, or as I knew them in the late 60s, a bunch of hippies called Earth. I remember well the day I lent Tony and Geezer (let’s face it, the brains of the bunch) some cash to go to the cinema for a break in rehearsal. Lo and behold, the pair were inspired by queues for a horror film to rename the band in a scary manner. They called themselves Black Sabbath, and an unholy cacophony known as Heavy Metal was born.

These Satan’s Satyrs lads may well be in league with the devil himself, I don’t know. They do peddle a very enjoyable mash up of garage punk and 70’s proto metal, however. Like Motorhead covering T-Rex songs, whilst a bunch of rowdy werewolf bikers have a drug party.

Opener ‘Thrill Of The City’ rages out of the pit and sets the tone nicely. Most of the album follows suit and it’s as greasy as a week-old chip pan. Muscular yet melodic dual guitars from Jarrett Nettnin and Nate Towle, with Clayton Burgess providing vocals and deep-fried bass and solid drums by Stephen Fairfield.

‘She Beast’ offers up a beautiful, big fat riff that really greased my gears. That glam rock sheen shines through nicely on ‘Trampled By Angels’ and there’s a change of pace somewhat with ‘Take It And Run’, which has a pleasant jangle.

In honesty it took a couple of listens to begin to appreciate “The Lucky Ones” – deceptively simple at first, yet revealing more gleaming gems when the grime was rubbed off a little. A great, satisfying record and I’ll be investigating more of Satan’s Satyrs in future.

Oh, and Ozzy, if you’re reading this, if I could have back that tenner I lent you in 1969, I could really do with it. Cheers.

01. Thrill Of The City
02. The Lucky Ones
03. She Beast
04. Take It And Run
05. You And Your Boots
06. Too Early To Fold
07. Pulp Star
08. Trampled By Angels
09. Permanent Darkness


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