Spudgun Assassins – Spudgun Assassins EP

Spudgun Assassins EP Cover

Spudgun Assassins – Spudgun Assassins EP
Release Date: 03/05/2018
Running Time: 30:00
Review by Vikkie Richmond

I can’t resist doing a cheeky review of a band with a silly name; I’m pretty sure that the Spudgun Assassins more than qualifies under that banner. As The Spud Boys (an affectionate term coined by themselves) have been together since 2008, I’m surprised to be seeing an EP from them now, ten years on. However, if only all bands that decide to give it a go had such longevity; in a time of bands quitting left, right and centre after six months to a year because they haven’t ‘made it’, kudos must go to the Spuds for keeping it together.
So, we know they are tenacious, but can they do a tune? Opening track, ‘Believe In Me’ could be something straight out of an 80’s film; with twanging guitar chords and echoing effects, you can imagine the original brat pack (maybe Tom Cruise, or Emilio Estevez) looking moodily at the cameras whilst a collage of rolling video plays behind them, with gelled quiffs and shoulder pads aplenty. It bounced along at a fair old pace, with some vintage vocal harmonies and clipping percussion.
‘Fool When You Need Me’ started off with some trippy effects and harmonics; it wasn’t quite as ‘vintage’ as the first song, but it still had a whiff of ‘classic’ about it and I’m pretty sure I heard some cowbell in there too (which I wholeheartedly and thoroughly encourage). Special mention goes to ’Blind’; a gloriously cheesy affair, with key changes and heart-warming harmonies aplenty.
I have fond memories of the 80’s, so I enjoyed this EP, but it does make me think that I’m missing something; are the Spudgun Assassins some sort of ironic homage to days gone by? I’m not actually sure if that’s what they have intentionally gone for, but that’s sort of how it came across. Glibness aside and tongue firmly out of cheek, I quite liked it because although they’re not really breaking any new ground, this EP is sort of comforting, like shrugging on an old, comfy leather jacket that you’d forgotten you own.
They’re also pretty good musicians (although the intro to ‘Watch Me Fall’ is a bit clunky), so you could do a lot worse than take a listen; do it and let us know what YOU think! I’m going to leave it on repeat for a while … I might go and backcomb my hair, play some air guitar and sing into my hairbrush whilst I’m at it.
01 Believe In Me
02 Fool When You Need Me
03 Let’s Do It Again
04 What Do You Wish For?
05 Blind
06 Watch Me Fall


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