Scarlet Aura – Hot ‘n’ Heavy

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Scarlet Aura – Hot ‘n’ Heavy
Silver City Records
Running Time: 54:45
Release Date: 22/03/2019
Review by Tsarina Wilson

Romanian female fronted band, Scarlet Aura, are due to release their new album “Hot ‘n’ Heavy” in March of this year via their own label Silver City Records.
The first single released, ‘Hail to You’ is a fast, punchy song with very strong vocals from Aura Danciulescu, a lady who sounds like you don’t wanna mess with, and is all about a metaphorical war. It’s an introduction to an album that leads you into a false sense of security because, before you know it, you are soon swept away in a breath-taking wave of fast guitar riffs, and crazy drumming and this is proved in the track ‘In The Name Of My Pain.’
With Aura Danciulescu on vocals, Mihai Danciulescu on lead guitar and vocals, Rene Nistor on bass guitar and vocals and Sorin Ristea on drums, this band pack a mighty punch. The band are from Bucharest in Romania and are not scared to be different with their unique sound and powerful tracks.
“Hot ‘n’ Heavy” has so much to give. It is metal through and through but strangely seductive with Aura’s vocals almost having a gravel base to them. This lady has many strings to her bow as not only does she have such a hypnotic voice, she has also written the accompanying “The Book of Scarlet” – the first book in a trilogy. In here you will find the lyrics to the songs along with the amazing story of Scarlet, which gives you an insight into the world of Scarlet Aura, and personally I can’t wait to check it out.
Although this is a very metal album, it’s also a great combination of sounds which hooks you quickly and keeps you listening. It’s chaotic yet compulsive all at the same time. You get a little bit of everything from amazing guitar riffs, to crazy drums to a hint of synths, all encased with amazing vocals.
There are tracks like ‘Hate is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever’, a song which, with its synth background and almost snarling vocals, would makes one heck of a track for a film score (think Sci-Fi war film or epic action film.)
You can’t help but get caught up with this album. It almost tells a story and you’re scared to not listen to the next track in case you miss something. For those of you who grew up in the 80’s, listening to the likes of Maiden, the track ‘Silver City’ is almost classic of that style and should appeal to you.
I don’t think there is a track on this album that I can honestly say I wasn’t too sure on. The one thing I can recommend is that you start the album and then hold on for one hellava ride. I’m not saying its hard metal from start to finish because there are some softer tracks to give you a bit of a breather but don’t be fooled. It is just leading you into a false sense of security as it will be followed with more ace guitars, Aura’s vocals and some amazing harmonies. The energy of this album is crazy from beginning to end and the track ‘Let’s Go Fucking Wild’ sums up the whole experience. What you see is what you get! Simply, just pure talent!
What more can I say? Just AWESOME!
1-The Future Becomes Are Past
2- Hail To You
3-In The Name Of My Pain
4-Hot ‘n’ Heavy
5-Fallin To Pieces
6-Glimpse In The Mirror
7-You Bite Me I’ll Bite You Back
8-Hate Is Evanescent, Violence is Forever
9-Silver City
10-Light Be My Guide
11- Lets Go Fucking Wild
12 To New Horizons

by Miluta Flueras
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