Aonia – The Seven

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Aonia – The Seven
Release Date: 06/10/2018
Running Time: 01:03:19
Review by Lotty Whittingham

Think Nightwish meets Epica and throw Coronatus into the mix and you get a strong seven headed, fourteen-legged creature that comes under the name of Aonia. 2018 proved to be a great year for them. They won Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses in Sheffield and secured a spot on the New Blood Stage. They also released their debut album “The Seven”. To say this album will open doors for the band is a huge understatement.
“The Seven” is a remarkable album that takes the listener on a great journey of strong melodies and poetic lyrics. The band consists of two powerful soprano vocalists, brilliant guitar work, mesmerising synth work and pounding rhythms from the bass and drums. These all work together spectacularly to create these remarkable melodies. There are a number of songs that demonstrate this power the band have.
‘Sold My Soul’ is the opening song of the album and it’s one fans of the heavier side of music can relate to. The melody and lyrics are enticing. The line “rock and roll, come take my hand – lead me to the promised land” is empowering and from listening to the rest of the song, it will make you proud. If you are wanting to give metal a listen, this song will make you want to become a metalhead.
‘Wake Up Lucretia’ is a powerful song that tugs at the heart strings, particularly if you know the history behind Lucretia. For those who don’t know, Lucretia is a legendary heroine of ancient Rome. Her tragic fate played a vital part in shaping the Roman Kingdom into the Roman Republic. The lyrics and music fuse together flawlessly to create the heart-breaking emotion behind this account. Definitely one of the best songs on the album, especially if it helps you learn about an important historic figure.
The vocal work at the beginning of ‘Heartsword!’ alone is enough to entice the listener in. Guest vocalist Iliana Basileios Tsakiraki (Enemy Of Reality) provides her impeccable talent on the track. It has many different parts that work together flawlessly to create a symphonic metal masterpiece. In this track, all three sets of vocals harmonise alongside each other perfectly. The song also contains poetic lyrics describing a heroine’s tale who yields the heartsword and goes on to win many battles.
Like metal ballads? Well Aonia have produced a beautiful one. It’s titled ‘If You Dare’ and from the lyrical content it can be interpreted that the song is about staying strong through tough times and not giving up. Lines like “live while you’re alive” and “never give into the fight” are powerful ones that provide hope when times are tough.
“The Seven” ends on a bombastic note with the song ‘Hyde And Seek’. The story of Jekyll & Hyde is the well-known tale of two very different personalities. This story has left an important legacy and has been adapted many times in film and theatre. Aonia’s take could be an opera of this iconic tale. The song gets the mixed emotions Jekyll/Hyde must be feeling inside across perfectly.
This is demonstrated through a number of factors. The lyrical content written from both Jekyll and Hyde’s points of views; The vocal work projecting these lyrics; The musical arrangements portraying the different parts of the story; the piano and acoustics demonstrating the calm behaviour of Dr Jekyll after the destruction caused by Mr Hyde; The heavier arrangements representing the chaos and destruction that is being caused and perhaps the transformation between the two. That’s what is great about this song, it’s open for interpretation and others may have a different opinion on what the song represents.
“The Seven” is an outstanding debut from Aonia. It’s a Symphonic Metal masterpiece that will be hailed by fans of the band, genre and new listeners. It’s also one of those albums where the songs can be interpreted differently by different listeners. Want to know where the future of Symphonic Metal is going? Give “The Seven” a listen and be reassured the future of this genre is strong.
01. Sold My Soul
02. Violet Hours
03. Wake Up, Lucretia
04. Still, I Rise
05. Sirens’ Lament
06. Eye Of The Storm
07. Heartsword!
08. At The Masquerade
09. If You Dare
10. Hyde And Seek
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