Grimorte – Esoteric Ascendance EP

Grimorte – Esoteric Ascendance EP
Release Date: 31/10/2020
Running Time: 18:01
Review by: Tammy Lomax

My head has been battered since starting my new job, systems overlapping systems galore! But the weekend is here Mofos! And do you know what this entails? That’s right, MUSIC!

Let me introduce you to Grimorte. They are a new two-man project consisting of…Kieran Scott from the band Ashen Crown, who is the vocalist and Lewis Borthwick, from the band Archierophant, who plays the instruments and is Master of Production. The project itself sits somewhere between atmospheric Black/Death Metal and Doom.

Grimorte are all things chilling and they explore the mysteries that surround Aleister Crowley and the occult, with this debut EP telling us of a woman’s journey, whose innocence is ripped away and replaced by possession.

Ok, at this point I am shitting it!

I can’t even sleep with my feet outside the bed and I am, admittedly, a huge fluff pants! Friends have stated many times “It’s just a film” But that is NOT how I see it! It’s a script FYI! Someone out there has this in their head, and do you know what is worse?! SOMETIMES THEY ARE BASED ON TRUE EVENTS!!

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, this possessed lady, right, (ok, I’m calming my tits).

“She is lulled into the esoteric pagan and Satanist practices of the golden dawn and awakes to find her new demonic form.” I would be livid if I woke up to this, mind you first thing in the morning…there is definitely a resemblance.

To add to the dark story, obviously “Esoteric Ascendance” was released on 31/10/20, Halloween…

Now let’s get to the music.

Opening Esoteric Ascendance is track ‘The Procession’ The vocals hit you immediately, personally the most deathly vocals I’ve heard in a while. You begin to unravel and visualize unsettling scenes, breaking down the story piece by piece and become drawn in with the simple note progressions. It’s truly poetic and full of passion. This duo are definitely onto something.

The following track ‘Sequestrate’ slowly builds with the most haunting atmosphere. It is more melodic, and it marches you into the EP. It feels nostalgic with a doomy edge and vocals that are accompanied by a depressing energy and added layers. This is a much more beefy and weighty accomplishment.

Third track ‘Esoteric Ascendance’ is definitely an eye opener for me, or shall I say a chaotic roller coaster. The shrieking vocals and slow tempo lead me to a distorted guitar section, catapulting me straight into the plot of the story! They then proceed to rip me away, hurling me back and forth, my head is all over the place, in the best possible way, of course.

Finally, ‘Firvir’ is 100% advanced modern black metal. By this point I feel possessed, and maybe that’s exactly Grimorte’s aim? This is my favourite track on the EP, there are layers upon layers, and you can really explore and hear the depths of their combined talents and ideas. It is an offering of chilling detail and rich tastes; you cannot dismiss the infinite variety of intonations that have been used meticulously.

This 18-minute EP had me enthralled from the first second. It is elegance at its finest, with the combined skills of Kieran and Lewis brought to the fore. Just like baking the perfect cake, It is carefully structured, and the sections do not over spill or run into each other and as a debut release they have done an unreal, first-class job.

01. The Procession.
02. Sequestrate.
03. Esoteric Ascendance.
04. Firvir.

Kieran Scott – Vocals.
Lewis Borthwick – Instruments/Production.


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