Ophion – Antediluvian

Antediluvian Album Cover Art

Ophion – Antediluvian
Nefast Films Records
Release Date: 02/09/2020
Running Time: 37:43
Review by Victor Augusto

The magic of the music! Yes! That was my first impression when I heard Ophion for the first time. Among hundreds of things that I could list, one of them that defines “The magical side of Heavy Metal or Rock music” is meeting new and good people, who share the same passion for it. If it weren’t for those people, I probably would never know about many incredible bands around the world. Ophion are another case of lovely people who love good music. And hearing this album just once was enough to realize that I was in front of one of the best albums I’ve heard in my life, but also that I have an extremely hard job to do, where reviewing it is concerned!

Maybe the first thing that will pop up in your mind when you push the play button for this album is a Behemoth musical influence with them. For most of the people, they will probably feel it, but for me things worked different. My reference of Ophion’s sonority on first hearing them was Ukrainian band, 1914, and I will explain why. Does the title “Blackened Death Metal” mean something to you? For me, it means the kind of music that 1914 play. Of course, I am talking about two bands who explore Death Metal, in an intense dark atmosphere, that comes from the subject they are talking about. In Ophion’s case, the dark atmosphere is not the war, but another context.

I’m not clever enough to understand what they are exploring in the lyrics, but what I could understand is something like Atlantean history, with a lot of other things involved. All the songs have a very deep interpretation of these subjects. It is epical, and heavy at the same time. Imagine all the aggressiveness from good Death Metal, allied with Black Metal sounds, from bands similar to Marduk. That’s how I would describe Ophion, but again, with a hugely different context to the lyrics, when compared with these other mentioned bands.

According to guitarist Focalor, who, alongside the singer Monarch, took part in an EMQ’s interview for Ever Metal (read the interview here), the meaning of band’s name is something like “a name that originates from a treatise entitled Ophiolatreia, on the universality and worship of the serpent, as well as another work, now lost, but mentioned therein, by Pherecydes Tyrus named Theology of Ophion.” Well, I guess I could not even dare myself to enter into exploring the band’s thematic, but don’t be afraid to watch the videos on their YouTube channel. You will be amused.

Musically, the band plays exactly what I described about their genre. Most of the time it’s extremely Death Metal. Sometimes, the ‘blackened’ part appears more, as dragged riffs, or vocal lines through Monarch’s interpretations, alongside bass lines typical of a few Black Metal bands. For me, the first three songs on “Antediluvian” are enough to show how powerful Ophion’s compositions are. ‘Panophion’, ‘Kalassa’ and ‘Atlantean Gates’! What a killer way to start an album! Especially ‘Atlantean Gates’! It is the best song on the album in my opinion. It also carries a good video which helps you understand the bands visuals and concept.

After the beautiful acoustic instrumental ‘Dissolution…And Resurgence’, that shows a very technical side to Ophion, we get ‘Grand Babylonia’, that has an easy-to-understand chorus, and then the remarkable riffs from the extreme song ‘The Course Of Empire’ right after. Then, as the album nears the end, the song ‘Theology’ appears, full of melodies alongside chaotic spirit from the music driving it into a faster and more extreme song. The bonus track ‘In The Night Of Ages’ keeps the same heavy spirit.

It is the first time I’ve heard Heavy Metal coming from the Dominican Republic. But I don’t care where the music comes from, as long as it’s great, which this is! Ophion really shocked me on the first listening. It is heavy, dense, and extreme. The band have given this album good production and shown great care for the composition. As a result, we are in front of an amazing and complex album, but one that’s easy to digest at the same time. I was a little skeptical about finding a new & amazing band that could shock me as Ophion have done. But now I am a new fan of them, for sure.

‘Atlantean Gates’ (Official Video)

01. Panophion
02. Kalassa
03. Atlantean Gates
04. Dissolution…And Resurgence
05. Grand Babylonia
06. The Course Of Empire
07. Theology
08. In The Night Of Ages (Bonus Track)

Focalor – Guitars
Monarch – Vocals
Wolv – Guitars


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  1. Ophion, super band. Master. Great Review Victor Augusto. Yeah, the songs are heavy, dense, extreme and sensational. When the music gives me chills in the body, it is because it catches my attention, it involves me, and Ophion does that too. Sensational.

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