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By Stephanie Stevens

The world is so much better with San Antonio, TX hard hitting band KINGDOM COLLPASE in it. The band features, Jonathan Norris (Vocals), David Work (Guitar), Aaron Smith (Bass) and Elijah Santucci (Drums) and they came together to make some prominent, exceptional hard rocking music. I got introduced to the band when I happened to find them on Spotify and heard there single ‘SUFFER’ which was appeasing to the ears due to the hard, diverse, melodically impressive tones and a storyline everyone can relate to, one way or another. The next thing I knew I had a press release about the band in my inbox and I was stoked to get to know them better. They are releasing a new single in their arsenal ‘UNBREAKABLE’, an anthem that will jolt you emotionally and bleeds with honesty.

They have just signed with Dynamic Talent International’s roster (which includes Red, Alesana, The Veer Union and more) and, with this partnership in hand, tour dates will be coming soon as life gets back to normal. So, once you fall in love with the sound of this band you can jump on tickets to see them kill these killer hard rock tunes live.

I had a chance to chat with Singer Jonathan Norris about the lyrical value in their music, how the band got together, videos and being on mainstream radio so early in their career.

Q: Introduce me to the world of KINGDOM COLLAPSE, how is it being a band coming out of Texas and how you all met?

A: How’s it going, Stephanie! Good question! Me and the guys grew up playing in several different bands and I knew everybody for a while before we actually formed this line-up! Aaron Smith and I go way back to our early childhood days. David Work and I played in an old band together and Elijah, our drummer used to play in another band in the Houston area that we would play shows with when we came to town. Being in a Hard Rock band from Texas is funny because everyone and their mother listens to country around here. So, we’re very much against the grain of what’s going in the area right now, musically-speaking.

Q: After hearing a few tracks it seems you guys are almost like the therapist Rock band, lyrically bringing out relatable and relevant topics in your music. How does it feel having fans being helped by your music and, for you personally, how does it feel to be able to write music that can be real and honest?

A: Thank you! That’s exactly what music did for me growing up. It’s always been a form of therapy and an emotional release. I write about real-life struggles and situations that left their mark on me. It’s been so awesome seeing our songs have that same effect on people and help them in a positive way. That’s something that is signature to Kingdom Collapse and we never want to lose that.

Q: Your newest single ‘UNBREAKABLE’ is keeping on track with the emotion and honesty. On a personal level, how has a past struggle helped you guys as a band get stronger and grow?

A: Definitely! ‘Unbreakable’ was written last year, (fun fact) shortly after I actually had COVID-19. I could hardly breathe for almost two months after the fact and had to really push my lungs back into shape to sing again. But to really dive deeper, the song was written about WAY more than that. It’s about all of the life struggles that we all go through from the time we’re born to the time we die. Loss, cancer, heartache, betrayal, divorce, financial disaster, etc. The list goes on and on, but it’s about those things making you stronger.

Q: When will or when did the new single drop and is this a teaser for a full-length or EP coming our way soon?

A: The single dropped Friday, June 18th and is available everywhere! This will be a single from the upcoming album. Still in the album process as of right now but this is the first taste of the new album, sometime in 2022.

Q: You guys always have some killer videos to go along with your songs. Do You think that, with the topics you write about in the songs, a video is very important to base the story around it and how do you all enjoy the video process?

A:We love doing our music videos! Kevin from Kreuked Media has been with us since the beginning and it’s incredible to see how much we’ve grown as a team since our first video, ‘Suffer’.

Q: You covered Saliva’s ‘Always’. What made you take on that particular song and band?

A: Good question! I always loved Saliva growing up and ‘Always’ was a favourite of mine. It started as something fun during the shutdown and then I went to the guys with the recording and was like “We got to put this out!”.

Q: What other artists or musicians inspire you guys and who were the first band that made you want to be a musician in a serious manner?

A: I would say the first band to really inspire me as a kid was definitely Creed. Love them or hate them, they were the SHIT back in the day! Tremonti inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place. I know David would say the same thing! Haha.

Q: One song and video of yours I was very interested in was ‘Payback’. Give me a brief description of where the lyrical topic came from and, with all the videos you have done, how did the making of this one differ?

A: Yeah! “Payback” was written about the feeling of being backstabbed by someone that you thought was there for you and had your back. It’s just about immersing yourself in that angry feeling and letting it all out. Which is why it makes such an awesome workout song too! Haha.

Q: Being an up ‘n’ coming band on the scene, how does it feel knowing your music has been on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 40 and Sirius XM Octane? If you hear your stuff on the radio what emotions run through you?

A: It’s so surreal! We’re coming up on our third single that has gone to Sirius XM Octane and it’s crazy to see us wedged in between bands that we’ve looked up to for so long! The Billboard thing is nuts! It’s something that we always had our sights on and it’s awesome to see things consistently moving up and in the right direction.

Q: If you had any advice to people heading into the latter half of 2021, what would it be?

A: My advice would be too keep your head up! It’s been a crazy last year and a half but it’s awesome to see life somewhat return to a sense of normalcy.

Q: In May 2021 you signed with Dynamic Talent Int, one of the leading booking agents. Before this were you guys booking your own tours (Pre-Covid) and are you ready to become road dogs? What are you most excited about with this? Any Tours you can leak out or local shows you are gearing up for?

A: Yeah! Everything booked before this point was booked by us, DIY. With the success of our last radio single, ‘UPRISE’, that really changed the game for us so we’re ready to get out there and meet all of our incredible fans.

Q: Any last comments or words to your fans that you want to express before we end the interview?

A:Thank you so much for reaching out and having us do an interview with you! Looking forward to meeting you out on the road and we will see you soon! ‘Unbreakable’ is out NOW!


‘Unbreakable’ (Audio)

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