Lycia – Casa Luna EP

Casa Luna EP Cover Art

Lycia – Casa Luna EP
Avantgarde Music
Release Date: 11/06/2021
Running Time: 26:44
Review by Wallace Magri

Long history; short version: According to the press release, Lycia, an Arizona, US based band, has been around for a while, since 1988, and are possibly one of the pioneers of the Darkwave/Electro-Gothic Rock style. During the 90’s they made their way through the US underground, not in a thunderous way, though achieving cult success, and they have also released several albums over the past two decades. Now, after the Avantgarde Music Label re-issued their 1991 debut full-length “Ionia” in early 2021, Lycia is back with a new release.

And, since I am not reviewing albums to pay my bills, I took my time and got into Lycia’s back catalogue (yeah, I’ve never heard about them before), just to find out how appropriate it was for me having the chance to review their newest release, the “Casa Luna” EP. Because, sometimes it feels good to me to crawl into my darkest thoughts for a while, something like a creepy meditation, guided by slow beats and dragged melodies, that I could describe as New ‘Dark’ Age songs (Shoegaze, Ethereal Wave, you name it).

If you liked the description above, so we can move on to “Casa Luna”.

So, now that you already know that the intention of the EP is to be really minimalistic and dark, you can just let the grey palette frequencies of your brain surface and you’ll be able to enjoy the 30 minute ride through your own mind.

The songs on “Casa Luna” arouse an uncomfortable sensation throughout. Upon listening your aura will cool down and, because everything is so slow and melodic, it feels like you are in an underground lake, with a constant icy wind on your face, as you sail among stalagmites, mainly during the first two songs, ‘A Quiet Way To Go’ and ‘Do You Bleed’.

All of a sudden, when you get inside the boat, the electro beats get a little warmer, inviting the listener to a lone party, enlightened by bright candles, to the sound of ‘Except’ – a Depeche Mode-like Darkwave song. I was also reminded of Dead Can Dance whilst listening to the ethereal song ‘On The Mezzanine’, because of the renaissance touch in the vocals and the beautiful acoustic guitar conduction.

And, to close down this brief introspective journey that “Cold Luna” gives us, the song ‘Galatea’ keeps the dancing beat as a highlight once again, just to guide us back to the nothingness full of rich melodies on final track ‘Salt & Blood’ – and the realisation that time is ineffable, and that there is nothing we can do about it but relax and let go of the negativity hidden in the depths of our souls, just for a moment.

It worked for me. I hope you enjoy the dark meditation, too.

‘Salt & Blood’ (Audio)

01. A Quiet Way to Go
02. Do You Bleed?
03. Except
04. On the Mezzanine
05. Galatea
06. Salt & Blood

Tara Vanflower – Vocals
Mike VanPortfleet – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth
John Fair – Synth & Drum Programs
David Galas – Bass & Drum Programs


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