Fear Of Falling – Turning Point

Turning Point Album Cover Art

Fear Of Falling – Turning Point
Self – Released
Release Date: 03/12/2021
Running Time: 35:44
Review by Beth Jones

A few months ago, I had the chance to review a great EP from South African Hard Rock/ Alternative band, Fear Of Falling. I really enjoyed it for it’s catchiness, and was very pleased to discover that they were going to be releasing an album later in the year! Well, that time has now arrived, and here I am reviewing said album, “Turning Point”. There’s a nice little link there, considering the EP was called “Breaking Point”, and was an exploration of mental health problems. “Turning point” now suggests that from within the despair, a new chapter has arisen, be it in music, or life. 

Pleasingly, because I really rather like their sound, musically this album is more of the same from Fear Of Falling. That unmistakably modern sound of Alt Rock, that combines elements of the 90s, with modern samples and technology, and employs everything genre from Grunge to Pop-Punk. One of my favourite tracks, ‘Won’t Let Go’ (which incidentally appeared on the EP too) illustrates this perfectly. I could see it performed by the likes of Greenday back in the 90s, or Neck Deep now. It’s hellishly catchy and upbeat, and I can’t stop myself singing along to it. 

But these guys have much more crunch about them than the teenyboppers of the last three decades, and they know how to turn on the heavy. ‘Hate’ is a track that shows this off. It’s down tuned and scuzzy, and the vocals raw and punchy. Actually, from ‘Sunrise’ onwards, this really sums up the album. It’s a kind of mixture of The Foo Fighters, and The Chilli Peppers, just a little more pissed off and jaded than both, with an added dusting of Evergrey. 

The album closes with somewhat of a curve ball, in the shape of the stripped back, mostly acoustic track, ‘Home’. This is actually my favourite track on the album. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and features some wonderful vocal harmonies, and a depth of feeling that you only really get with acoustic numbers. 

“Turning Point” is the perfect soundtrack for anyone who’s having a bit of a tough time. Lyrically, it’s really relatable. Musically it’s heavy enough to get a groove on to, and echo and express feelings, but it’s not overly fussy or complex. It’s also mixed and mastered exceptionally. I really hope these guys become a big name globally, because they’re quietly exciting. They’re not reinventing the wheel, they’re just doing what they do, and doing it well. A great album.   

Fear Of Falling – End Of Days (Official Audio)

01. Drive 
02. Faded 
03. Falling 
04. Won’t Let Go 
05. Sunrise 
06. Breaking Me Down 
07. Hate 
08. Fake It 
09. End Of Days 
10. Home 

Brendon McCaig – Bass 
Dale Schnettler – Drums 
Jack Atlantic – Vocals 
Lloyd Timke – Guitar 


Fear Of Falling Promo Pic - Photo by Jerome van Zyl
Photo by Jerome van Zyl

“Breaking Point” EP Review:


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