TOOM – Behold The Basilisk EP

Behold The Basilisk EP Cover Art

TOOM – Behold The Basilisk EP
APF Records
Release Date: 01/10/2021
Running Time: 21:27
Review by: Alun Jones

Let’s start with a history lesson.  The “Behold the Basilisk” EP by TOOM is a dug-up time capsule, having been recorded in January 2010.  The band themselves were formed in 2007, and split not long after this recording.  What could have been a long-lost curio, to be spoken of fondly by the few who had inside knowledge, has now been reanimated and set loose by APF records.

What we have is an EP consisting of four stoner doom tracks from an extinct trio.  Like those ape dudes at the start of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, Teddy-James Driscoll, Jus Smith and Jack Newnham have been enlightened by a big, Black Sabbath obelisk – the legacy of which has been excavated for our enjoyment.

‘Snake Chalmers’ opens things up, with an acoustic guitar intro that’s highly reminiscent of those mellow Iommi passages from ‘Master of Reality’.  It’s a beautiful, yet deceptive beginning to a collection of crushingly heavy music. Play it for Granny, she’ll be surprised as fuck when the lethal riffage of ‘There’s Nothing Cute About Cobras’ revs up and creates utter destruction.  Growling vocals and gruesome, pounding guitars are where we’re at here.

It’s a similar approach for ‘Mandark’, though this track throws in some variations in riffs and tempo, with a short, but killer “quieter” section.  Here, and on the final song, ‘Decapodiformes’, there’s a hint of influence from the likes of Sleep, High On Fire, and Mastodon – with relentless, mighty riffs powering through.       

Gone but nor forgotten, then: it’s introducing and welcoming back TOOM on this impressive EP.  Makes you wonder what might have been…

01. Snake Chalmers
02. There’s Nothing Cute About Cobras
03. Mandark
04. Decapodiformes


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