4Gent7 (Agent 47, I don’t know) – Rise/Fall

4Gent7 (Agent 47, I don’t know)
Roast Review by Rob (The Special Little Hyperactive Pixie) Sutton

For fuck’s sake! Which dimwit thought it would be a good idea to post publically to send songs so I can review them…? I always get lumbered with shit which simply annoys me. So Agent 47, 4gent7 or 47 Agents or James Bonds retarded Manchester counterpart. Fuck me have you seen the logo from these guys? Putting numbers to make a word just makes the name look like it would belong on a personalised licence plate, though there is nothing posh about these guys, I mean, they have hairlines Bill Bailey would be proud of. Honestly this logo clearly took a lot of time to come up with or a serious amount of autism. I’ll let you decide.

So the song ‘Rise/Fall’, sounds edgy, cool and a name that’s been used a million and one times before for a Metal song. Clearly, they used up all their creativity on the name / logo / registration plate. The song itself seems to be a wannabe Sludgy Blackened Death thing. It can’t decide what it wants to be, I mean the pacing at the beginning resembles that of a guy who is about to climax but is desperately trying not to so he pleasures his woman. Speaking of women, the video seems to be following a chick around the dirty parts of Manchester (I don’t mean perverted parts; get your head out of the gutter!). Maybe she is running away from this mess of a sound. 

Let’s start with the vocals, were they recorded in another room? They are so quiet! Normally I like to comment on the range or style that they use, but in this case what’s the point? It’s just over distorted shouting, which is supposed to be angry but instead sounds like a teenager who has just had his Playstation taken away and is now shouting at Mummy. If this is an attempt at Black Metal, record it in a forest on a cassette, bury it for 10 years then dig it up. Don’t fake it! Jesus I wasn’t miscounting, there are three guitars, each one seems to be doing the same thing. For fuck’s sake is this an attempt to be heavy, because it just looks like they’ve dragged a couple of street dwellers to make up the numbers? This song does actually pick up pace and we have a failed attempt at a blast beat, shall we call it a ‘slightly rapid hit of a snare’ eh? Practice makes perfect, it’s not like this band have been going for a while… 

Ok, Ok, bass time… Shit! He has a solo and does vocals! Well I’ve mentioned the vocals but a bass solo. Actually that’s pretty cool, nice one!


Nothing of the above represents my true feelings towards this band, they make quality music and do a lot for the Manchester Metal scene, I mean look! Housing the homeless! 


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