Rioghan – Different Kinds Of Losses

Different Kinds Of Losses Album Cover Art

Rioghan – Different Kinds Of Losses
Inverse Records
Release Date: 09/12/22
Running Time: 49:10
Review by Laura Barnes 

It is to my shame that I hadn’t heard of Rioghan prior to her appearing in Ever Metal’s inbox. Finnish songwriter and poet Rioghan Darcy fuses Gothic Rock, Folk, and Alternative Metal in a way that is right up my street. The sound she achieves through this fusion is one that is contemporary and progressive, deserving of a place beside similar genre fusing pros such as Cellar Darling, Sylvaine and Euphrosyne. 

“Different Kinds Of Losses” opens with teardrop-like keyboards, and Rioghan making a quiet yet decisive declaration: “I am rain / creeping on your window”. The verse continues in this vein, gradually introducing guitars before exploding into a heavy, stormy, Katatonia-like chorus followed by a bluesy guitar solo. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, but lucky for Rioghan, she doesn’t need one. ‘Sight’ is a strong song that works as a sneak-peak trailer for the reset of “Different Kinds Of Losses”. If you liked that, then the introspective and atmospheric journey that Rioghan is about to take you on is one you’ll be grateful for. 

For the most part, Rioghan’s touch is a gentle one. Even with the heavy instrumentals on tracks like ‘Breath’ and ‘Bruises’, her expertly controlled vocals provide a compelling contrast. As a result, the album achieves a certain psychological quality, creating the impression of an ordinary human being grappling with emotions far larger and wilder than anything they’ve ever felt before. This aspect of the album especially shines through on ‘Innocence’, a stellar song about enacting justice on your own terms, for your own sake. It’s an extremely powerful song that will undoubtedly resonate with people who are struggling in the aftermath of hurt. ‘Home’ is another album highlight – the moody verses build up beautifully towards an almost poppy chorus that you can easily belt out with your ist in the air. If “Different Kinds Of Losses” was a live show, ‘Home’ is the song they’d sing for the encore.

All in all, Rioghan is a difficult artist to categorise. The doominess of bands like Oceans of Slumber fuses with the electronic elements of Banshee, yet the music still remains catchy and accessible. The genreless sound of “Different Kinds Of Losses” means that this album will reach and touch audiences from all sectors of the music world. A very exciting debut! 

01. Sight
02. Promises
03. Breath
04. Home
05. Bruises
06. Time
07. Innocence
08. Reflection
09. Lights
10. Summer

Rioghan Darcy – Vocals
Teemu Liekkala – Guitars, Bass, Keys
Valtteri Revonkorpi – Drums 
Marko Hautamäki – Cello
Tony Kaikkonen – Harmonica


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