Immortal – War Against All

Immortal – War Against All
Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 26/05/23
Running Time: 38:07
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Norway’s Immortal return with a clear message of defiance with latest album “War Against All.”

The album’s opening and furious title track ‘War Against All’ attests to the above statement, the band’s issues have been messy to say the least, but it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that this has that Immortal sound at its very core. This is followed up with the equally maniacal ‘Thunders Of Darkness.’

Moving on to the slower more purposeful ‘Thundergod’, this has an air of the “Sons Of Northern Darkness” era about it. The track picks up tempo later with sweeping guitar parts and atmospherics that add more dynamism. Normal service then resumes for what is my highlight track of the album, ‘No Sun’. It’s black metal of the highest order, lyrically too this track has that frostbitten element reflective of the aesthetic of the album’s artwork and perfectly combines with follow-up track ‘Return To Cold’ which is nothing short of a nostalgic throwback. 

The album takes a different direction with the seven minute ‘Nordlandhir’ which for the first section is solely instrumental which at this point is album is a good choice. In all honesty the fact it stays that way for the duration not only pleased me greatly, but in the context of the album I felt it worked well –  though there may be others who find issue with it. 

Concluding this latest release are the combination of ‘Immortal’ and ‘Blashyrkh My Throne’. ‘Immortal’ again feels like a message of defiance but that could just be that it is very provoking. A future live favourite? Only time will tell, I suppose. ‘Blashyrkh My Throne’ plunges the listener into the icy depths for the final time.

I was not sure what to expect with “War Against All” but I am more than happy with what has been presented as it incorporates enough for current and past fans as well as offering something to tempt new fans in with.

‘War Against All’ Official Lyric Video

01. War Against All
02. Thunders Of Darkness
03. Wargod
04. No Sun 
05. Return To Cold
06. Nordlandihr
07. Immortal
08. Blashyrkh My Throne

Demonaz – Vocals, Guitar


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