Ofnus – Time Held Me Grey And Dying 

Ofnus – Time Held Me Grey And Dying 
Naturmacht Productions
Release Date: 30/06/2023
Running Time: 53:13 
Review by Rick Eaglestone

It’s rare that I am incredibly passionate yet intimidated by an album and frankly I have faced my biggest dose of imposter syndrome which is why it has taken this long to start articulating why “Time Held Me Grey And Dying” by Ofnus has with any shadow of doubt stolen my heart and my top album spot for 20223.

The album starts with longest track ‘Burned By The Soul Of The Moon’ which sets the tone for the album, its menacing frostbitten tones are propelled by furious drum patterns a woeful atmosphere, the first time I heard this I was awe stricken and as the months have passed the feeling only grows stronger.

Swooping in with a huge emotional wave is ‘The Endless Grey’. The interweaving and enticing melodies are difficult to pull away from, then following this with an unforgiving ferocity is the band’s second single ‘Fading Dreams’ which also contains some remarkable guitar soloss. This is then paired with what Ofnus first unveiled from their shroud of sadness ‘Grains of Sand’ completes the trilogy that makes up my favourite section of the album.

The lingering sorrow of instrumental composition of ‘Monody’ flows into my highlight track of the album, ‘Exulanis’. Admittedly it makes me massively homesick but at the same time makes me reflect on the level of musicianship from a band that only formed in the winter of 2021 but have already carved something some beautifully raw and full of emotion.

Moving into ‘Echoes’ the rich deep textures are abundant and as the album moves into its final track ‘A Thousand Lifetimes’ I can’t help feeling that by its conclusion for every chapter that has taken place the sense of grandeur has been elevated every single time.

Ofnus deliver such expansive soundscapes and emotive black metal like an elixir that I couldn’t live without. Dorcalonnus a swynol!

‘Fading Dreams’ Official Video

01. Burned By The Soul Of The Moon
02. The Endless Grey
03. Fading Dreams
04. Grains Of Sand
05. Monody
06. Exulansis
07. Echoes
08. A Thousand Lifetimes

William Philpot – Vocals/Lyrics
Richard Rees – Bass
Alyn Hunter – Rhythm Guitar/Composer
James Ponsford – Lead Guitar
Ethan Rees-Spargo – Drums/Lyrics


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