Evil Corpse – Nuclear Remains

Evil Corpse – Nuclear Remains EP
Kill Again Records
Release Date: 09/09/2023
Running Time: 17:47
Review by Victor Augusto 

If you have already had the unpleasant chance to chat with me, maybe I mentioned the day I was brave enough to email Ever Metal to offer my contributions to them. When I did it, back in 2019, I was romantically thinking about the silly idea to offer a space for Brazilian bands in the UK, and also spread Ever Metal in this confusing land. Well, the reality of the Heavy Metal scene here is harsh sometimes. What people imagine is the lovely and friendly way that Brazilians should look, sometimes it is quite the opposite and it is not rare to see yourself stuck in a nest full of snakes.

In this same year, thrashers Evil Corpse were preparing their first full album. I’ve met them a few times before and we were mostly getting drunk, but I believe things happen when they are supposed to be. This band was one of the few ones that made my efforts to spread Brazilian music worthwhile. Their first album “Apocalyptic Future” came out in 2020 and the pandemic chaos didn’t let them promote it properly. Since we can now have concerts again, Evil Corpse could finally play more often, and they are conquering a great respect among the Metalheads from our city.

I believe they did well to release this EP with 4 remaining tracks from their debut album so as not to go a long time without a new release. It is also great to show their spirit and music from that time. Back in 2019 they had the chance to record at Texas Studio with owner Rafael Giraldi, who is an important person on the local scene. He is also part of local bands, and he has helped many events along the years. The album production is good enough to offer some raw and organic sound.

Musically, you can expect a brutal Old School Thrash Metal. If you love riffs being played like an out of control machine gun, here is your band. The influences come from old Kreator and all bands that helped this style become famous, fleeing from that Bay Area sound. They owe more to the underground bands in this case. 

The band also shows good technique, like in ‘Apocalyptic Future’, which opens slowly getting faster and furious, but suddenly puts interesting short parts of double bass among the solos.  ‘Violent Threat’ does the same thing, and it is a good way to offer an extra musical punch when you are not expecting to hear it. The 2 last tracks ‘Under the Unholy Cross’ and ‘Endless Hate’ were recorded during sessions to record their first album, but have a very similar sound to the two previous ones. 

“Nuclear Remains” is for those who love pure Thrash Metal, that kind of Thrash for getting nuts in the moshpit while the band is destroying everything on the stage. It is also a good way to get to know this amazing Brazilian band who has a good future in their musical scene. 

Evil Corpse – Nuclear Remains EP

01. Apocalyptic Future
02. Violent Threat
03. Under the Unholy Cross (Apocalyptic Future Sessions)
04. Endless Hate (Apocalyptic Future Sessions)

Jhonata “Darkhell” – Guitars and Vocal
Venus “Stringbreaker” – Guitars
Gabriel “Zenon” – Drums
Rômulo Araújo – Bass


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