Curse All Kings – Feral Earth

Curse All Kings – Feral Earth
Breath Sun Bone Blood/Cyclic Law
Release Date: 08/03/24

Running Time: 45:00
Review by Metalphysicist

Here I go again working on another ‘hard-to-review’ album, “Feral Earth”, the third from Curse All Kings, which consists of an ‘Entity’ derived from a collab between crazy nuts musicians from Berlin’s Dark Ambient/Black Metal scene (at least that was what I could infer from the press release). And I totally connected with this super cool artistic proposal to create Dark Ambient music – with a touch of all the musicians involved in the process.

I must confess that I considered just paraphrasing the info in the press kit to make my life easier. But my damned professional ethics don’t allow me to use these types of stratagems to fulfil my duty of office. So, we move on with my own impression on “Feral Earth”. 

The first thing to consider is that ambient music, as an artistic aesthetic, is meant to be something beyond composing average commercial songs – yeah, the allegedly ‘underground bands’ that we love are made to sell, so they are commercial, maintaining the appropriate proportions, of course.

What we have here are six enigmatic songs, all of them based on deconstructing the music establishment.  On the first single taken from “Feral Earth”, ‘Wounds of Land and Body’, we have a degustation of what we can expect from the album as a whole – dense ambience, filled with whispers in despair to input on the song an even more sombre and spooky forest labyrinths vibe.  

The opening track ‘As the Spirits Watch Over Us, We Reciprocate’ has a disturbed beauty, noisy and symphonic at the same time with some blast beats muffled to maintain the intimidating atmosphere based on musical excerpts in annoying unison.

Well, I could make a track-to-track kind of review for “Feral Earth”, but I’d rather give my impression on the first above mentioned song of “Feral Earth”, and go straight to the final song of the album, and then it is up to you listen to the whole album and see what is in-between, alright? (the two songs have around ten minutes running time, just for your concern)

So, on the last song, ‘The Veil Between the Forest and Glade’, the atmosphere is delivered by a weird orchestration and the usual intimidating whispers here and there. And the funny thing is that the vocal is mostly distorted, contrasting with a possible ‘grey colour’, for you to be able to jump off this crazy kind of Black Mass with repulsive distorted guitar interventions, to make their point clear. Yes, it is Dark Ambient music, but the great part of that atmosphere is taken from the basic Black Metal convention restructured for the arts sake.

Go check “Feral Earth” by yourself and I can assure you that you’re going to find despair, pain and beauty somehow, I would say, the more you have ears used to listen do Dark Ambient Music, the more you’re going to find soundscapes where you can just let your rational mind go and fill it with the sensations delivered on “Feral Earth”. For me, it’s in my Top 10 list of 2024’s releases. Awesome!


01. As the Spirits Watch Over Us, We Reciprocate
02. Ünmaal
03. Wounds of Land and Body
04. Feral Spirits Rise!
05. As the Earth Holds You
06. The Veil Between the Forest and Glade


Fabian Van Beek 
Bryan Bray 


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