Force of Mortality – Into The Abyss

Force of Mortality – Into The Abyss
Release Date: 20/05/2024 
Running Time: 53:56 
Review by Victor Augusto 

Force of Mortality strikes back with their second full album after three years since their last release “New Dark World”, which you can read a beautiful review here, written by our master of poetical words, Mr. Dark Juan. I confess that I took time to read it, because I always admire his reviews and to know more about the band. It’s funny to see all the differences from my impressions after listening to them.

Maybe the band has changed, which is like a natural evolution, but my friend Dark Juan mentioned old Metallica and Sex Pistols as influences that he felt on their sound. For me, as a first impression, I just felt a free band to explore whatever they want but keeping the spirit of a Heavy Metal band over it. For me, the opening track ‘Driven’ has brought a Motörhead spirit in terms of having a heavy way of playing music. 

Basically, it is about well cadenced music, with good and catchy riffs mixing melodies and aggressiveness. The entire album has songs that will make you remember stuff from Motörhead, as I‘ve mentioned, until Black Sabbath and much more. But the good thing is the way it sounds just like a reference and not like a cover of these bands. 

It is even hard to mention the good moments, considering the regularity of the compositions, in terms of quality. The traditional Heavy Metal is more present in tracks as ‘Born To The Rule’ where we have more clean and high notes on vocals. The more introspective part comes on ‘Rise About It All’, starting in a very Iron Maiden’s ‘Remember Tomorrow’ before getting heavier and heavier. ‘Forgiveness’ makes this calm and introspective side more evident by the lyrics. The songs that I enjoyed the most are the heavier and faster ones such as ‘Screaming Into Void’ and the ‘We Are Your Nightmare’. Maybe because it carries good work on guitars.

Of course, there are details that I believe should have better attention. One of them is the recording production. I enjoy a more organic way of recording, but it could be done better to offer the proper emphasis on the high level of these musicians. There is one more detail, but it is very personal. The vocals, when it is sung in high notes, I didn’t enjoy too much, but as I said, it is a very specific opinion. On most of the album, everything sounds good.

Overall, “Into The Abyss” is a good album for those who enjoy Rock and Heavy music. I don’t need to see them on stage to know how good and powerful these songs would sound in a live performance! 

‘Rise Above It All’ Official Music Video

01. Driven
02. Necrosis 
03. Born To The Rule
04. Rise Above It All 
05. Forgiveness 
06. Woman From Hell 
07. Fear Of The Dark
08. Fight The Good Fight
09. ? 
10. Screaming Into Void
11. Savage Intent 
12. We Are Your Nightmare

Mazza – Vocals, Guitar
dB – Drums
Dr Col – Bass
Matt G – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals


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