Chris P’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020

Chris P’s Top Ten Releases Of 2020
By Chris Palmer

10. DevilDriver – Dealing With Demons (October 2020)

‘Wishing’ (Official Video)

9. Cats in Space – Atlantis (November 2020)

‘Atlantis’ (Audio)

8. Nightwish – Human. :II: Nature (April 2020)

‘Noise’ (Official Video)

7. Romuvos – The Baltic Crusade (June 2020)

‘Memel 1257 (Official Video)

6. Stryper – Even The Devil Believes (September 2020)

‘Do Unto Others’ (Official Video)

5. Stargazery – Constellation (May 2020)

‘Constellation’ (Lyric Video)

4. The Waymaker – The Waymaker (September 2020)

‘Kingdom Of Heaven’ (Official Video)

3. Raging Speedhorn – Hard To Kill (October 2020)

‘Hard To Kill’ (Official Video)

2. Sorcerer – Lamenting Of The Innocent (May 2020)

‘The Hammer Of Witches’ (Official Video)

1. Myrkur – Folkesange (March 2020)

‘Ella’ (Official Video)

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