Silent Jack – Heaven Metal / Hard Rock Hell EP

Heaven Metal- Hard Rock Hell EP Cover

Silent Jack – Heaven Metal/Hard Rock Hell EP
SJ Records
Release Date: 2017
Running Time 16:26
EP Review by Rick Tilley

What we have here is the latest EP from Birmingham based Sleaze Rockers ‘Silent Jack’ and if you want just over fifteen minutes of no bullshit Rock N Roll, that doesn’t reinvent the wheel and reminds you why you got into this music in the first place then you’ll not go far wrong with ‘Heaven Metal/Hard Rock Hell’, or indeed Silent Jack’s previous output.

I first heard about them in 2014 when Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Rich ‘Stitch’ Mason (who, by the way, is a thoroughly decent bloke) sent me their debut EP ‘Snakebite’ to review and a very good listen it was too. I then got to see them gig later that year at Degeneration Fest and all that sleazy goodness transferred to the stage brilliantly. They then released their debut album ‘Play The Game’ in 2015 and have been gigging anywhere and everywhere since, even bagging an illustrious spot at Hard Rock Hell AOR in March of this year. Now the new EP ‘Heaven Metal/Hard Rock Hell’ is upon us!

Opening title track ‘Hard Rock Hell’ slowly builds in the speakers with chants of…wait for it…’Hard Rock Hell’ before bursting into a feel good riff, thumping drums and rumbling bass courtesy of Adam Carson, Scott Carson and Dickie Spider respectively before Rich arrives with his Jack Daniels soaked vocals! It does exactly what it says on the tin and even though it’s only 10.30am as I write this I’m thinking a shot of something sounds like a damn good idea! That is quickly followed by ‘Killing Time, ‘Life On The Road’ and ‘Let’s Go’ and just as memories of bygone days, in the sun, listening to Guns N’ Roses, Poison and Motley Crue are surfacing in my head ‘BANG’! it’s all over and Silent Jack have departed…probably to a bar somewhere where they can rest their cowboy boots on a table and sink some bourbon!

‘Heaven Metal/Hard Rock Hell’ (I must ask them why they chose that title) is feel good and makes you smile, tap your feet and bang your head. It’s not pretentious, the lyrics are exactly what you would expect them to be and it’s played well. Silent Jack obviously love what they do and have great fun doing it and in this current world climate of death, destruction, politics, war, famine and disease then you really cannot argue with that!

01. Hard Rock Hell
02. Killing Time
03. Life On The Road
04. Let’s Go


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