Witchfinder – Endless Garden EP

Endless Garden Album Cover Art

Witchfinder – Endless Garden EP
Mrs Red Sound
Release Date: 03/06/22
Running Time: 17:08

Review by Rick Eaglestone

Following on from 2019’s “Hazy Rites” France’s Witchfinder return with two brand new tracks in the form of “Endless Garden”.

“Hazy Rites” was played a lot upon it’s release as it’s everything I love in Stoner Doom, so the anticipation was high (unintentional pun but I will take it). Immediately this new EP did not disappoint, but I have to be honest, there is a very strong Type O Negative feel to it, and I have to admit, that I’m here for it! 

Consisting of two tracks that Interweave effortlessly, it’s particularly difficult to pick a highlight track. But I keep coming back to ‘Eternal Sunset’, as I love the bass intro leading into the solemn guitar parts at the start. The riff that continues through is sublime, and when the familiar vocals kick in, it’s like a cosy blanket on a cold night. However, the keyboard parts in the mid section of ‘The Maze’ are something I could just go back to time & time again.

There are just so many elements that compliment each other in both tracks and it is great to have them. But I was left wanting more! Fortunately “Hazy Rites” was on hand for me to have another listen to, but these two tracks will be on rotation not only for the rest of this year, but I can honestly say until the next full release.

‘Eternal Sunset’ Official Video

01. The Maze
02. Eternal Sunset

Clément Mostefai – vocals, bass
Stanislas Franczak – guitar
Thomas Dupuy – drums
Kevyn Raecke – keyboard


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