Methane – Kill It With Fire

Methane – Kill It With Fire
Release Date: 27/01/2023 
Running Time: 31:26 
Review by Victor Augusto 

There have been a few times I’ve seen Swedish bands fleeing from what we are used to hearing from great bands from this country. One example is the Death Metal band The Crown, who put more elements from US bands than Swedish ones. I feel that Methane also walked on the same path, but inside Thrash Metal music. Of course, the good recording quality is totally present here to keep the trademark of Swedish Metal bands alive. 

What I most enjoyed from Methane, at least in this album, was not only the incredible Thrash Metal and Groove, but I also really enjoyed all the versatility of their composition. You will be always surprised by the good changes along each song. The title track summarises what I am saying because it is a pretty straight forward Thrasher with precise riffs and solos. The lyrics carry a subject to reflect about all the chaos we are living on the edge of a new world war, like politics as the new demons walking through the earth.

‘Accuser (of the Brethren)’ is also related to religion but showing the worst of the fanatic side of their followers. And if you take a look at the many wars and conflicts that we have involving these kinds of things, you will understand the connection. There is a killer intro riff whilst you hear a speech of someone freaking out, probably related to the case of a woman that was trying to convert Walmart customers, but she was doing it in a very aggressive way as the band explains.

One positive aspect for the band was that they explain these details together with the lyrics. At least the press release I’ve received has it, otherwise I couldn’t go deep on the band’s message. I don’t know if we still have listeners that enjoy reading the lyrics as I still enjoy, but any information apart from the obvious can help to increase this connection.

‘Shock and Awe’ appears equally overwhelming as the meaning of the title. Again, the band explains this song title as a fast and violent use of force to neutralize enemies used by military forces and the song makes you feel like watching this attack engagement while it is happening. I enjoyed the short breakdowns before it returns to the typical Thrash guitar pickings, before the leads (or solos).

The heaviness increases on a more cadenced track ‘A Blood Red Sky’ with CJ Scioscia from Blood Feast, on solo. It is about the native Americans and all that they suffered. ‘Down in the Gutter’ keeps the freedom of the band to explore different elements. This time, I had the impression of hearing a few Biohazard influences. ‘Thin The Herd’ finishes the album and this time we have slower intro riffs, but don’t fool yourselves because they don’t get softer or weaker and everything turns killer again after a few seconds.

The album is played with all the anger of those who are seeing the apocalyptic mass killing around the world caused by religion and politics. Similar to the definition of what is ‘Shock and Awe’ for military forces, “Kill it With Fire” follows the same spirit to the listener. It is a short half of an hour of effective destruction. It is a pure Thrash Metal that is not afraid to add a few other elements too. Could you imagine the damage of having it played live? I wish I could witness it someday.

‘Shock And Awe’ Official Music Video

01. Kill It With Fire
02. Accuser (of the Brethren)
03. Declare Chaos
04. Shock and Awe
05. A Blood Red Sky (feat. C.J. Scioscia, Blood Feast)
06. Down in the Gutter
07. Thin the Herd

Tim Scott – Bass and Vocals
Jimi Mästerbo – Guitar 
Markus Grundström – Guitar 
Jonathan Fundin – Drums


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