Nailbomb – 1000% Hate

Nailbomb – 1000% Hate
Cherry Red Records
Release Date: 19/06/23
Running Time: 115:16
Review by Rick Eaglestone

Nailbomb have widely been regarded as a gem in the 90’s metal crown and now old(ish) duffers like me can feel the rage of our teenage years with this 26-track double CD package “1000% Hate”.

Some say side project because of the core two members and others say supergroup because of session and live members which in only the bands very brief two-year history included Dino Cazares from Fear Factory and Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard.

The first disc in the set in the sublime one and only debut album “Point Blank” which I saw at the end of last year had an LP repress so immediately I needed to have in my collection, so to have another version on a different format is great seeing as I recently re-purchased a CD Discman. The album is still full of downtuned, primal anger with tracks ‘Wasting Away’ ‘Guerrillas’ & ‘Exploitation’ hitting as hard at 44 as they did at 15 and yes, I still get told to turn it down!

Until the announcement of this release  I had no idea that disc two “Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide” a live recording of  their legendary live set at the Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven, Holland, in June 1995 even existed, which is bittersweet as the band would go their separate ways after this but thanks to the joys of modern technology I was able to find the entire live shot concert online which is fab, so again to have this in a physical form is an added bonus. 

The live performance obviously features the majority of the debut album but differs with the addition of the Dead Kennedy’s cover ‘Police Truck’ and the addition of two studio tracks not to appear on the debut album: ‘Zero Tolerance’ and ‘While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World’.

The CD also contains linear notes from Max Cavalera looking back at the band’s history and impact and also an interview with Danny Marrianino from North Side Kings whose prank call featured on ‘While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World’.

‘Wasting Away’ Official Audio

Disc One:
01. For Fuck’s Sake
02. World Of Shit
03. Exploitation 
04. Religious Cancer
05. Shit Piñata
06. Sick Life

Disc Two – Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide:
01. Wasting Away
02. Guerrillas
03. Cockroaches
04. Vai Toma No Cu
05. Sum Of Your Achievements
06. Religious Cancer
07. Police Truck
08. Exploitation 
09. World Of Shit
10. Blind And Lost
11. Sick Life
12. While You Sleep, I Destroy Your World
13. Zero Tolerance

Max Cavalera – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Samples
Alex Newport – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, Samples


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