The Sound of Origin – Man in the Arena

The Sound of Origin – Man in the Arena
Release date: 27/10/23
Running time: 44:00
Review by Alun Jones

Right, let’s get down to business and get this review out into the world asap.  This album has already been released, and as it’s pretty bloody good, let’s shout it from the rooftops as loudly as possible.

The Sound of Origin are from Huddersfield, and this is their sophomore album.  I’d previously encountered the band thanks to their cover of ‘Sick Things’ on the quite bloody brilliant “Killer: 50 Years Later” Alice Cooper tribute album, released by Pale Wizard Records.  I was keen to hear a full album from these Yorkshire Doom merchants and I wasn’t disappointed.

‘This Ain’t Free’ bursts from the speakers with a booming, catchy riff and a mix of screamy versus melodic vocals.  It grinds, it rolls, it grooves; and that’s a fairly good summary of the whole album.  Doom metal with a welcome varying pace, it’s brutal but hypnotic.  First single ‘Birthright’ is an infectious bruiser and one of many tracks that remind me of the glory days of titans like Alice in Chains.  Relentless, but still melodic.

‘Crown of the Cynic’ gives The Sound of Origin the chance to flex their progressive, doomy muscle with its longer run time and thudding power.  I air guitarred along to this unashamedly!  There’s some mighty passion here, notably in the anguished vocals. 

Kyle Thomas of Exhorder and Trouble fame crops on two tunes, ‘Frail Old Bones’ and the title track.  On the former, the band rock out in a fuzzy style not too dissimilar to Thomas’ day job or even good ol’ COC.  The latter finds the band in a slower, pummelling pace and KT pushes the dramatics to hair raising levels.

The Sounds of Origin can throw together elements of Stoner, Doom and Sludge with great style and enthusiasm.  One welcome surprise though, was hearing final track ‘Lightbringer’ which reminded me of Angel Witch – head down, old school NWOBHM vibes all the way!

My preconceived ideas may always skew any observations I make on a band’s influences.  The Sound of Origin’s “Man in the Arena” is a great album that is bigger than the sum of its parts, and builds on the classic inspirations.  A solid effort, this album will no doubt be a contender to make my Top 10 of the year.  Just a shame it’s not available on vinyl.   

01. This Ain’t Free
02. Birthright
03. Crown of the Cynic
04. Frail Old Bones (Ft. Kyle Thomas)
05. Thousand Year Curse
06. Man in the Arena (Ft. Kyle Thomas)
07. Gold Drenched in White
08. Lightbringer

Joel H Bulsara – lead vocals
Joe ‘Zeph’ Wilczysnki – guitar and backing vocals
Azrael Nyx – Bass
Jack Walker – Drums


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