Storm Upon The Masses – Crusher of Souls

Storm Upon The Masses – Crusher of Souls

Release Date: 27/04/2024
Running Time: 39:21
Review by Victor Augusto

Still running against the time to deliver all my reviews that I had to leave behind after all chaos in Brazil. This time I could refresh my mind with this “lucky dip” sent by the lovely owners of Ever Metal. It made me happy, not only to have another great brutal band to review, but also to see how my colleagues of Ever Metal know my musical taste.

On first listening, I could immediately remember when I was a teenager, in the early years of 2000s when I just got into this kind of extreme music. Everything less aggressive than it, I believed was weak. Probably I was a young and immature teenager, extremely influenced by all the Death Metal scene happening in Brazil, inspired by our great name from this style, like the mighty Krisiun. 

The second thing that came to mind while listening to this album was what made me get a bit tired of this kind of Brutal Death Metal (at that time) and I can mention the way bands were recording albums as a big reason for it. I mean, I know that that period was when bands were starting to have a chance to offer a modern and good recording production, but everything started to sound too produced and massive. 

Maybe it is the main goal of this Belgium band considering they offer a crystal clear and organic sound and I believe the drums become the highlight of this album as a consequence. The insane blast beats from Gert Sergeant are impressive, not only for his speed and versatility but also his incredible tempo changes. Can you imagine how hard it must be to play so fast without losing the real sound of his drum kit?

The same happens on guitars which are heavy but very natural sounding. Jurgen Hondshoven and Sandro Di Cairano were able to create a typical wall of guitars which could easily sound massive when musicians put excessive layers on it. Another good aspect is the versatility among them, resulting in good riffs that change all the time.

It is even hard to mention track by track or what happens here. Storm Upon The Masses is a band for people who love  Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse, Krisiun or Suffocation, but they have their own identity. Maybe the highlights to know how the band really sounds, I can suggest ‘Return to Ash’ and ‘Cauldron of Carnage’. This last one is my favourite one, by the way. 

“Crusher of Souls” has the essence of a brutal and extreme Death Metal, that is not massive and repetitive. These guys from Belgium show that they are an experienced band, ready to hit the road. I hope they hit some roads in Brazil too!

Storm Upon The Masses – Crusher Of Souls (Official Video) –


01. Seas of Infinite Plague
02. Unleash the Demonic Surge
03. Warfare Ungodly
04. Murderous Exhibition 
05. Return to Ash
06. Crusher of Souls
07. Cauldron of Carnage
08. Arterial Red
09. Excessive Retaliation


Jurgen Hondshoven – Guitars
Brecht Putteneers – Vocals
Sandro Di Cairano – Guitars
Sam Philipsen – Bass
Gert Sergeant – Drums


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