Progenitor – Eldritch Supremacy

Progenitor – Eldritch Supremacy
Release Date: 14/07/2023
Running Time: 36:58
Review by Wallace Magri

I must confess that I’ve never heard any North American Black Metal bands, so I did a little research of other BM bands from the US before reviewing Washington-based band Progenitor’s first album, and that wasn’t an easy task. Nargoth was the only band that sounded similar to Progenitor.

“Eldritch Supremacy” was a good surprise for my already putrid ears, as I have been listening to Black Metal all my life and am addicted to this metal genre. Let’s get straight to the point here: Progenitor’s debut album offers 7 songs (‘Intro’ included) and they all mean business.

For Satan’s sake, “Eldritch Supremacy” delivers mostly Second Wave Black Metal patterns but flirts a little bit with Death Gore Metal (Cannibal Corpse), which is noted in the vocal’s grinding lines and musical conduction passages during the opening song.

Of course, any band that roars “Satanas!” three times right at the start of the album knows what the evocation of the King of unlight brings to the songs – evil sonority and blasphemic atmosphere. ‘Beast of Gévaudan’ sums up through music my whole experience of hearing “Eldritch Supremacy”. 

The album production is very careful to let all the instruments and vocals hit you right in your face, avoiding the typical chaos of such Black Metal. Heavily recommended for evil hordes all around the world. Hail Satanae!

01. Intro
02. Eldritch Supremacy 
03. Crows of Winter
04. Prophets Belial
05. Best of Gévaudan
06. Treasures of Preversion
07. Binding of the Corpse God

Jeston Loux – bass
Jake Ireland – drums 
Fletcher Lane – guitar
Garret Gee – guitar
Joe – vocals


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